Get ready to discover some of the most beautiful Brazilian natural settings: we have separated 15 attractions for those who do not know what to do in Chapada da Diamantina

One of the biggest and most incredible nature destinations in Brazil, the Chapada Diamantina National Park It is a huge stronghold of natural beauty. Are waterfalls, caves, rivers, caves, lagoons, among other attractions to be dazzled by.

Located in Bahia, this immense paradise sculpted by beautiful nature is, in fact, gigantic: there are more than 38 thousand square kilometers with several attractions to explore.

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We recommend at least five days to get to know some of the main points of interest of the place. But, if you can, stay much longer: with attractions far from each other and requiring trails that sometimes last for hours, it takes time to enjoy everything.

However, if you don't know what to do in Chapada da Diamantina, we have separated 15 must-see attractions to make your itinerary easier.

What to do in Chapada da Diamantina

Pai Inácio Hill

What to do in Chapada da Diamantina attractions to know

Photo: Ronaldo Tozzi/ Wikimedia Commons

When we searched for Chapada da Diamantina on the internet, the main photo found is the panoramic view of Morro do Pai Inácio. Considered the main postcard of the region, it is one of the ideal places for those who want beautiful photographs, especially at sunset. There are 1,120 meters of altitude from where the tourist can observe a good part of the exuberant nature of the place.

Smoke Waterfall

Photo: Vic Paes/ Wikimedia Commons

If you don't know what to do in Chapada da Diamantina, you need to know the Smoke Waterfall. Considered one of the largest waterfalls in Brazil, it is over 360 meters high.

To have a panoramic view of its falling waters, it is necessary to make a trail of approximately two hours. However, it is also possible to admire the fall from below, but in this case, the hike takes more than three days.

Buracão Waterfall

Photo: Rodolfo Bazetto/ Wikimedia Commons

One of the must-see attractions in Chapada da Dimantina is Buracão, located in Ibicoara. Its more than 85 meters is already impressive, but as it is situated in the middle of canyons framed by stones, the scenery becomes even more imposing.

The access to see the lower fall, where it is possible to swim in the waters of the canyon, can be done by a trail with a low level of difficulty, for about an hour, along a river.

Blue Well

What to do in Chapada da Diamantina attractions to know

Photo: MAURICIO GOMES DE OLIVEIRA/ Wikimedia Commons

THE Blue Well is one of the most incredible places for those who still don't know what to do in Chapada da Diamantina. Located in the municipality of Nova Redenção, the place allows you to float in incredibly blue waters of a cave.

Try to arrive at noon, when the sun's rays enter the place and make the tone of the water even more impressive. The space offers structure with a restaurant, parking and even a craft store.

Pratinha Grotto

Photo: Rafael Rabello de Barros/ Wikimedia Commons

Another place to include in your itinerary, especially if you still don't know what to do in Chapada da Diamantina, is the Pratinha Grotto, located inside the Pratinha Farm, in Iraquara. Get ready to find incredibly crystalline waters, the result of the high concentration of limestone found at the bottom of natural pools.

It is possible to float through the grotto, but there are also other activities in the space, such as zip lines, kayaking and pedal boats, carried out in a river with clear waters and several small fish.

Ruins of Xique-Xique de Igatu

Photo: Xique-Xique Shelter

Few people know, but Chapada da Diamantina has ruins of an old stone village, a remnant of the time when mining attracted many people to the region.

Nicknamed “Machu Picchu da Chapada”, the old Xique-Xique, district of Andaraí, can be accessed by a small stone road, which reveals stunning landscapes. Although irregular, it is worth following the road and being impressed by the ruins of the old abandoned city.

Lapa Doce Grotto

What to do in Chapada da Diamantina attractions to know

Photo: Rafael Sgari/ Wikimedia Commons

If you love caves, you should plan a visit to Gruta da Lapa Doce. Part of a complex with several caves, the space houses many subterranean beauties, such as stalagmite and stalactites formations, as well as cave paintings.

Access is very easy, through a trail with approximately ten minutes of walking and, later, by a ladder. If you don't know what to do in Chapada da Diamantina, you should include this tour in your itinerary.

Smokey Waterfall

Photo: Rafael Rabello de Barros/ Wikimedia Commons

Don't be fooled by the diminutive name: the “smoke” is another waterfall whose grandeur is impressive. To reach it, however, it is necessary to go through one of the most difficult trails of Chapada da Dimantina, lasting five hours.

But everything is compensated for when you arrive at the place: the immense waterfall, surrounded by immense rocky walls that surround it, is more than 150 meters high. If you still haven't decided what to do in Chapada da Diamantina and enjoy adventure, this is an unmissable tour.

Marimbus Pantanal

Photo: Lilian Leyve/ Wikimedia Commons

Chapada da Diamantina is really a surprising place. Did you know that, in the middle of the Bahian cerrado, there is a mini wetland? The Marimbus Pantanal is a flooded region, full of natural beauties.

Along the route in the lagoons, carried out in Canadian canoes, it is possible to observe various plants, such as water lilies, as well as birds and other animals that inhabit the place. With beautiful mountains on the horizon, this is one of the most amazing tours to take in the region.

Enchanted Well

What to do in Chapada da Diamantina attractions to know

Photo: Guilherme Silva Julian/ Wikimedia Commons

Like Poço Azul, Poço Encantado holds incredibly blue waters at the bottom of a cave. With more than 60 meters of depth, in this place the floating is not allowed.

However, it is incredible to be able to observe the immensity taken by small solar rays that enter through the top of the cave. Due to the proximity, it is worth combining the two attractions on the same day.

Byzantine Cemetery of Mucugê

Photo: Chico Ferreira/ Flickr

A cemetery can seem like a strange walk when you don't know what to do in Chapada da Diamantina. But believe me: this one can be considered an architectural work with great historical value.

With white tombstones, which imitate small Gothic churches, the Mucugê Cemetery is the only one considered Byzantine in Brazil. The site had its origins in the early 19th century, when an epidemic of cholera and smallpox hit the region.

Pati Valley

Photo: Julianagiacomini/ Wikimedia Commons

If you love trekking and don't know what to do in Chapada da Diamantina, this is an unmissable tour. However, doing it takes time – and, of course, willingness. There are options for routes that pass through the valley that vary from three to five days, with an average of 20 kilometers of walking per day.

Along the remote path, there are countless landscapes, waterfalls and small villages where it is possible to stay and eat. Crossing the Pati Valley is a unique experience.

Living Museum of Garimpo

What to do in Chapada da Diamantina attractions to know

Photo: Portoquá/ Wikimedia Commons

Those who don't know what to do in Chapada da Diamantina, but appreciate Brazilian history and culture, should plan a visit to the Museu Vivo do Garimpo. The place explains to visitors the role of mining in the region, which moved the local economy until the end of the 60s.

In the museum, it is possible to check a collection with several pieces that were used in this craft, as tools. In addition, there are some examples of diamonds, explanatory panels on the cutting processes, among other relevant information.

Devil's Pit

Photo: Leonardobaptist/ Wikimedia Commons

Want a place with easy access to cool off in the icy waters of Chapada da Diamantina? The Poço do Diabo is formed by the Mucugezinho River, which crosses the region, and is located on the banks of the BR 242 highway.

So, for those who want a less remote and more “touristy” place, the place can be easily accessed by a small trail, in addition to having a restaurant and handicraft shops.

Torrinha's Grotto

What to do in Chapada da Diamantina attractions to know

Photo: Dimitry B./ Wikimedia Commons

The Torrinha Cave is also among the attractions for those who don't know what to do in Chapada da Diamantina. With several rock formations, between stalactites and stalagmites, it offers three options of routes.

Therefore, those who choose to go through all of them will have more than two hours of pure contemplation of the most varied underground geological forms. However, for those who don't have that much time, there is a way to choose a faster route.

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