Looking for things to do in Vitória and Vila Velha? We have separated 22 must-see tourist attractions from destinations for you to check out during your trip

Beaches, mountains and cultural attractions are part of the list of main attractions to visit in Vitória and Vila Velha, in the Holy Spirit. In addition, the capital of Espírito Santo is famous for its rich gastronomy and its infrastructure of tourist services.

Those who visit the state with time can take the opportunity to get to know the Route of the Capixabas Valleys, a tourist route that covers 1,200 kilometers and passes through beaches, mountains, lagoons and waterfalls. In the itinerary, tourists visit the cities of Vitória, Vila Velha, Guarapari, Anchieta, Venda Nova do Imigrante and Domingos Martins.

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If you are planning a trip to Espírito Santo, check out a list with must-see attractions in Vitória and Vila Velha.

22 attractions to see in Vitória and Vila Velha

Camburi beach

things to do in Vitória and Vila Velha

Photo: via Capixabas da Gema

One of the most famous urban beaches in Victory, Praia de Camburi has a structured shore that welcomes people who practice physical exercises and walks in the open air.

Always very busy, the beach has attractive scenarios, formed by its blue sea and the mountains that surround the coast of Espírito Santo.

Convent of Our Lady of Penha

things to do in Vitória and Vila Velha

Photo: Raphael Gustavo Marques da Costa

Located in Vila Velha, Convento da Penha is one of the great postcards of the state and is located on top of a mountain, in the neighborhood of Prainha.

Surrounded by the Atlantic Forest, the place has the most beautiful view in the region, with angles that allow you to see Vitória, Vila Velha, Praia da Costa and Morro do Moreno.

To access the convent, visitors must face 365 steps that are slightly offset by the city's landscapes.

Anchieta Palace

Holy Spirit

Photo: Paul R. Burley / Wikimedia Commons

Another tourist attraction in Vitória is the majestic Anchieta Palace. The building is one of the oldest government offices in the country and is open to visitors on a free tour accompanied by a guide.

Metropolitan Cathedral of Victoria

things to do in Vitória and Vila Velha

Photo: Paul R. Burley / Wikimedia Commons

Symbol of the city of Vitória, the Metropolitan Cathedral has its architecture inspired by the Cologne Cathedral, in Germany, and draws attention with its neo-Gothic features and its stained glass windows.

Jurema curve

things to do in Vitória and Vila Velha

Photo: Vilamir Azevedo / Wikimedia Commons

Very frequented by locals, Praia da Curva da Jurema is considered one of the most beautiful in the city.

In it, visitors can ride on its bike path, take excursions on boats that explore the coast of Espírito Santo or enjoy the busy night in the bars and nightclubs scattered around the area.

Bermuda Triangle

things to do in Vitória and Vila Velha

Photo: Disclosure

Known as the “Bermuda Triangle”, this area that comprises Joaquim Lírio and João da Cruz streets, in Praia do Canto, is considered the most bohemian part of Vitória.

The streets are home to numerous options of restaurants, bars and nightclubs, being a great option for those looking to discover the nightlife of the capital.

Vale Botanical Park

Holy Spirit

Photo: Disclosure

Vale's Botanical Park is a complete leisure space with an area equivalent to 33 football fields. The area concentrates more than 140 species of trees, wild animals and birds that can be observed on the various trails available in the park.

Valentine's Square

Holy Spirit

Photo: Vilamir Azevedo / Wikimedia Commons

Very close to Praia Do Canto and facing the marina of the Iate Clube do Espírito Santo, Praça dos Namorados has a beautiful setting for walking, cycling and flirting.

On weekends, the square hosts the traditional Handicraft and Arts Fair, which has been taking place for over 20 years.

Onion Stone Park

Holy Spirit

Photo: Ana Paula Jejesky de Oliveira / Wikimedia Commons

Another interesting green area to discover when visiting Vitória is the Pedra da Cebola Park. Surrounded by nature and full of pleasant walking paths, the park offers a lake, oriental garden and a viewpoint with an epic view of the city.

Morro do Moreno

Holy Spirit

Tourist attractions in Victoria. Photograph: Vertical Planet

Point for adventurers and outdoor activities practitioners, Morro do Moreno is opposite Morro da Direita, where the Penha Convent is located, and its geography offers numerous possibilities for activities, such as: rappelling, climbing, trails and paragliding. In addition, Morro do Moreno is surrounded by beautiful beaches with natural pools and calm seas, perfect for SUP tours.

Third Bridge

Attractions in Vitória and Vila Velha. Photo: Disclosure

Officially Deputy Darcy Castello de Mendonça Bridge, the Third Bridge, connects the cities of Vitória and Vila Velha.

The road is considered the largest construction in the state and today forms one of the beautiful postcards of Espírito Santo. It is approximately 3 km long and 70 m high, providing a unique view of the cities.

Guava pot pots shed

Attractions in Vitoria and Vila Velha

Photo: Disclosure

The cooperative, open to the public, produces the famous artisan pots made of clay, considered an intangible heritage of Brazil by Iphan.

The technique of indigenous origin can be accompanied on guided tours where visitors will follow the production step by step and understand the entire production process. At the end, visitors can also buy some clay pieces at special prices.

Tamar project

Attractions in Vitoria and Vila Velha

Tourist attractions in Victoria. Photo: Disclosure

The capital of Espírito Santo has one of the headquarters of Projeto Tamar, a conservation institution that fights for the preservation of sea turtles.

The space offers lectures and exhibitions of educational videos, as well as tanks that house species of turtles.

San Antonio Basilica Sanctuary

Attractions in Vitoria and Vila Velha

Photo: Disclosure

With an imposing central dome 37 meters high and construction in the shape of a cross, the Basilica of Santo Antônio has beautiful paintings inside.

The sanctuary was inspired by the Italian Renaissance architecture of the Nossa Senhora da Consolação Church, in Todi, and has impressive stained glass windows.

Itapoã beach

Attractions in Vitoria and Vila Velha

Attractions in Vitória and Vila Velha. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Located in a prime area of Vila Velha, Praia de Itapoã has an excellent infrastructure of kiosks and spaces for sports.

Manguinhos Beach

Attractions in Vitoria and Vila Velha

Tourist attractions in Victoria. Photograph: Capixaba routes

Despite being in the metropolitan region of Vitória, Praia de Manguinhos has the atmosphere of a bucolic and peaceful fishing village.

Ideal for those looking for a quiet place close to the capital, the attraction is almost 4 km long in a residential area full of colorful flamboyants.

Solar Monjardim Museum

Tourist attractions in Victoria

Photo: IBRAM Publicity

Installed in an imposing colonial mansion that was the first building to be listed as a national historical heritage in Espírito Santo.

The Solar Monjardim Museum has a collection that portrays the life of the Baron of Monjardim and the colonial period in Brazil.

Holy Spirit Museum of Arts

Tourist attractions in Victoria

Attractions in Vitória and Vila Velha. Photo: Disclosure

Located in the center of the capital, the Espírito Santo Art Museum has a space dedicated to the propagation and preservation of the art made in Espírito Santo.

Housed in a 1925 mansion, the museum has a collection of approximately 3,000 pieces.

Penedo Hill

Tourist attractions in Victoria

Tourist attractions in Victoria. Photo: Blude / flickr

The Morro do Penedo Natural Monument is located on the shores of Vitória Bay and has a beautiful view of important points of the capital, such as the 3rd bridge, the mangrove swamp that begins at Mantegueira Park in the Glória neighborhood, passing through Aribiri, the port of Capuaba in Vila Velha, the Second Bridge, Monte Mochuara in Cariacica, the famous Pedra dos Olhos and much of Vitória

Ilha do Frade

Tourist attractions in Victoria

Attractions in Vitória and Vila Velha. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The famous island is home to an upscale residential neighborhood, surrounded by luxurious homes and beautiful natural landscapes.

Ilha do Frade has nine beaches, two lakes and is bathed by a sea of clear and calm waters.

Fort of São Francisco Xavier de Piratininga

Tourist attractions in Victoria

Photograph: Capixaba da Gema

Also known as Forte de São Francisco Xavier da Barra, or Forte da Barra, it is located in Vila Velha strategically built at the base of the Penha hill.

Currently, the Fort has been carefully restored to house the Centro Cultural Forte de São Francisco Xavier da Barra with rooms that offer permanent exhibitions, totally dedicated to the history and culture of Espírito Santo.

Hit back Domingos Martins

Tourist attractions in Victoria

Tourist attractions in Victoria. Photo: Vilamir Azevedo / Wikimedia Commons

The most charming mountain town in the state is just 50 km from the capital of Espírito Santo and is a great place to fast ride of 1 or 2 days.

The city is framed by the postcard of the region, Pedra Azul, which is located in a state park full of waterfalls, natural pools and trails. This is one of the favorite regions of Espírito Santo to enjoy the low temperatures of the destination during the winter.

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