Find out what to do in Gramado, one of the most charming cities in Brazil. We have gathered 20 must-see tours and attractions in the destination. 

The city of Lawn, at Serra Gaúcha, looks like it came out of a fairy tale. With a bucolic and cozy look, it is practically impossible not to fall in love with destinations, which reserve attractions and tours capable of pleasing all ages and catering to any occasion.

So, from Thematic parks that delight families with children to romantic programs that delight couples in love, Gramado manages to unite varied and impeccable attractions. The city, colonized by italians and Germans, it offers a wide and well-prepared hotel network, excellent cuisine and an unusual charm, capable of impressing even the most demanding tourists.

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But after all, what to do in Gramado? check out 20 must-see tours and attractions to discover in the destination. 

Things to do in Gramado

black lake

What to do in Gramado: 20 must-see attractions and tours

Photo: Larissa Fraga/ Wikimedia Commons

Lago Negro is one of the favorite tours of those who travel to Gramado. It is an artificial lake built in a space that was formerly devastated by a great fire. In addition to an ideal location for taking beautiful photographs, you can rent one of the many swan paddle boats to navigate the lake. Thus, this is a great option for those who are traveling with children or just for those who want to know the space from a different and fun angle. 

  • Address: R. Twenty-fifth of June – Casa Grande

mini world

Photo: Erico/ Wikimedia Commons

The Mini Mundo, as its name implies, is a city built on a scale 24 times smaller than life size. With an impressive wealth of details, you will be able to discover more than 150 small buildings inspired by real places, such as houses, castles, churches, bridges, among many others. So, if you still have doubts about what to do in Gramado, here is a must-see attraction for both adults and children. 

  • Address: R. Horacio Cardoso, 291 – Planalto

covered street

What to do in Gramado: 20 must-see attractions and tours

Photo: Larissa Fraga/ Wikimedia Commons

Rua Coberta is a very charming gallery where the nightlife of Gramado takes place. Thus, it is the ideal place to stroll through several shops and restaurants that serve, above all, dishes to ward off the cold. So, if you want a fondue or broth to warm up on a cold night, this is the ideal place in Gramado. However, if you're not hungry, it's still worth planning a walk there. 

  • Address: R. Mother Veronica – Center


Photo: Disclosure

Everyone knows that Gramado is one of the coldest cities in Brazil – and with Snowland you can even see and feel the snow. That's because the space is the only indoor snow park in Brazil and a unique opportunity to take a walk in the city. Thus, ice skating areas, ski slopes and ski slopes, in addition to an icy mountain, are among the attractions of the space, which is perfect for family outings. 

  • Address: R. Carazal Line, Gramado

Le Jardin Lavender Park 

Photo: Disclosure

Located near the entrance to the city is Le Jardin. If you've always dreamed of meeting the Provence lavender fields, in France, here is a more accessible opportunity. This is because the place has several new species of lavender in Brazil, which enchant the scenery with their lilac tones. In addition, there is a themed shop, a greenhouse for producing other flowers and a restaurant. 

  • Address: RS-115, 37700 - Várzea Grande

Dreamland Wax Museum

What to do in Gramado: 20 must-see attractions and tours

Photo: Disclosure

If you are still wondering what to do in Gramado, one of the answers is the fantastic Dreamland, the Wax Museum. There are several replicas of famous artists, singers and personalities from around the world transformed into life-size dolls. You will surely be impressed by the resemblance of some wax sculptures, which look real. It's worth taking pictures and having fun next to Michael Jackson, Ayrton Senna, Pele, Harry Potter, among others. 

  • Address: Av. das Hortências, 5507 – Ipê Amarelo

Florybal Magic Land Park

Photo: Disclosure

But what to do in Gramado with children? If this is your question, try to include a visit to Terra Mágica Florybal. It is a theme park with more than 40 attractions aimed at children and more than a thousand giant sculptures, which emit sounds and move. Located in the city of Canela, the toys are in the middle of an area of preserved forest, which makes everything even more interesting in contrast to the thematic universes created. 

  • Address: Highway RS-466, 1630 – Jardim dos Pinheiros II, Canela

Steam World

Photo: Disclosure

Mundo a Vapor, in Canela, is a different attraction for those visiting Gramado and the surrounding area. The theme park has several sets and miniature steam engines. As soon as you enter, you will be surprised by a reproduction of a famous train accident that took place in Paris in 1895, when a locomotive lost control and was suspended from a wall at a height of 12 meters. 

  • Address: Av. Don Luiz Guanella, 1247 – Carniel, Canela

Hollywood Dream Cars

What to do in Gramado: 20 must-see attractions and tours

Photo: Infinity Turismo

The Hollywood Dream Cars Museum has been operating since 1997 in Gramado. This is the ideal tour for those who are passionate about motorsport, since the space brings together old cars that have marked, above all, the history of cinema. So walking through space is like stepping back in time, straight into the glamor of the 20s and 60s in Hollywood. So, this is another tour for those who have doubts about what to do in Gramado. 

  • Address: Avenida das Hortênsias, R. Vigilante, 4151

Alpen Park

Photo: Disclosure

Alpen Park, in Canela, is the ideal tour for those looking for a little excitement – and a lot of butterflies in their stomachs – on a trip to Gramado and the region. Thus, with attractions that stimulate adventure and adrenaline, the space brings together activities such as zip lining, tree climbing, roller coaster, ATV rides, among others. In addition, the place is located in a wide area full of green, surrounded by a lot of nature. 

  • Address: Arnaldo Oppitz Highway, 901 – São João, Canela

Rua Torta de Gramado

What to do in Gramado: 20 must-see attractions and tours

Photo: Jornal de Gramado

Rua Torta is another one of the tours you must do in Gramado. Ideal for taking creative photos, the street has a winding shape reminiscent of Lombard Street, one of the most famous streets in San Francisco, in California. However, be careful when taking photos there, as it is on a busy city street. 

  • Address: R. Emílio Sorgetz, 120 – Planalto

Christmas light

Photo: Disclosure

What to do in Gramado at Christmas? Discover the attractions of Christmas light from Gramado, of course. On the occasion, in December, several Christmas-themed events take place around the city, which receives decorations and many lights, becoming a place full of magic. There are presentations, concerts, theater, music and parades that take place at this time of year. Therefore, it is worth checking the schedule – which is different every year – so you don't miss a thing. 

  • Address: Various spots around the city

Medieval Museum 

What to do in Gramado: 20 must-see attractions and tours

Photo: What to do in Gramado

Another very interesting and different tour to do in Gramado is the Medieval Museum. The construction resembles a small stone castle. In its collection, there are several models of swords, knives and other utensils that refer to the medieval era, as well as some used in movies like The Lord of the Rings. In addition, in the space it is possible to know more than 800 thousand coats of arms of families around the world.

  • Address: R. Júlio Hanke, 94 – Avenida Central

Colonist's House

Photo: Viver Gramado

In Praça das Etnias, in the central part of Gramado, is the Casa do Colono. This is an essential visit for anyone who wants to take home regional delicacies as a souvenir. At Casa do Colono you can find various gastronomic wonders, the result of the German and Italian colonies that formed in the region. Therefore, there are several types of cookies, sausages, jellies and dairy products that can be purchased.

  • Address: Av. Borges de Medeiros, s/n – Downtown, Gramado

Source of Eternal Love

Photo: I Love Official Lawn

Couples traveling to Gramado must include in their itinerary a stop at the Fonte do Amor Eterno, which is located on a Boulevard in the center of the city. There, several lovers celebrate their love by placing a padlock with the name of the lovebirds next to the fountain. Legend has it that whoever performs the symbolic gesture receives eternal love in return. 

  • Address: Av. Borges de Medeiros, 2659 – Center

Church of Saint Peter the Apostle 

What to do in Gramado: 20 must-see attractions and tours

Photo: Fernando S. Aldado/ Wikimedia Commons

Considered the heart of the city, the Igreja Matriz São Pedro Apostolo should be a point to be visited for all those who love history. The building, originally made of wood, was built in 1917. So, today, the current church is made up of more than 75,000 basalt stones and gigantic stained glass windows painted by the German artist Pedro Dobmeier.  

  • Address: Av. Borges de Medeiros, 2659 – Center

The Gramado Mine

Photo: MapadoMundo.Org

Gramado is a city known for its gemstone tradition. Also known as the Stone Museum, A Mina de Gramado is a space that houses an 80-meter tunnel completely studded with more than 150 precious stones. Therefore, it is an interesting tour for both in love with geology, as for those who appreciate the beauty of the stones. 

  • Address: R. Germano Boff, Gramado

world of chocolate

Photo: Disclosure

Lawn is one of destinations for chocolate lovers in Brazil. Therefore, it is worth dedicating time to a tour focused on the treat. The Chocolate World is the ideal place for this, as it houses a theme park on the theme, bringing together more than 200 handmade chocolate sculptures. Thus, places such as the White House, Mount Rushmore, the Eiffel Tower, Christ the Redeemer and the Statue of Liberty are some of the scenarios made of chocolate that make up the park. 

  • Address: Av. Borges de Medeiros, 2497 – Center

Belvedere viewpoint

What to do in Gramado: 20 must-see attractions and tours

Photo: Chrisdancer2/ Wikimedia Commons

Still having doubts about what to do in Gramado? On the way between Gramado and Canela is a place for those who want to have one of the most beautiful views in the region. The Belvedere Viewpoint is more than 850 meters high, which provides tourists with incredible panoramic images of the Quilombo Valley, even more so at sunset. However, it is worth redoubling your attention to reach the viewpoint, as the road is not very well signposted.  

  • Address: Av. das Hortências, 2536 – Vila Suica

wine tastings 

Photo: Disclosure

Anyone visiting the city is tempted to make a wine tasting in Serra Gaucha. However, for those who do not have time to travel to the city of Bento Gonçalves, the largest local producer, a tip is to include small family wineries located near Gramado in the itinerary. Thus, one of them is the Ravanello Winery, a small – but very charming – property where it is possible to carry out tastings and purchase some labels.  

  • Address: Rod. RS-235 Km 28 S/N - Portico

Round trip to Canela

What to do in Gramado: 20 must-see attractions and tours

Photo: Tiago Fioreze/ Wikimedia Commons

In your script can not miss tours to Canela, the neighboring city of Gramado. In addition to several attractions and theme parks, the municipality still offers many ecotourism options such as visits to waterfalls and trails. Therefore, it is worth visiting the impressive Parque Caracol, with a waterfall over 120 meters high, as well as its imposing Cathedral of Stones, elected one of the seven wonders of Brazil.

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