The charming buildings with Spanish influences attract thousands of tourists every year to the city of sucre at Bolivia. Walking through the streets of the historic center of sucre it is possible to notice a resemblance to the magnificent historic city of Ouro Preto in Minas Gerais. Surrounded by beautiful mountains, the narrow streets of the historic center of sucre It houses a huge collection of historical buildings, such as impressive mansions, an infinity of beautiful churches, super-organized squares and patios that impress everyone who visits the city.

The city has one of the best infrastructure for tourists in the country, with great restaurants, tourist attractions and accommodation for all types of travelers, from backpackers to tourists looking for a little more luxury.

The importance of this beautiful set of buildings located in the center of the country, made the center of sucre classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. If you think that the attractions are limited to the city's architecture, you are completely wrong. The mountainous region has much more to offer, with beautiful landscapes surrounded by nature, such as valleys, craters and fields where you can get to know the daily lives of dozens of families and understand a little more about Bolivian culture.

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Things to do in Sucre

La Recoleta Viewpoint

The viewpoint is in the charming neighborhood of Recoleta, inside the Franciscan Monastery of La Recoleta. The attraction is located in one of the highest parts of the city, offering a beautiful view of the city of sucre.

Photo: Roman Korzh

Plaza 25 de Mayo

The city's main square is a great starting point to explore the streets and alleys of the historic city of sucre, the attraction is surrounded by some of the most imposing buildings in Sucre, one of which is the House of La Libertad, where Simón Bolivar founded the Republic in 1822.

Photo: Theodore Liebersfeld

Church of the Merced

The church stands out as one of the most beautiful in the city, in addition to being able to admire the beauty of the interior of the building, the visitor can also visit the terrace that has some monuments and a great view of Sucre.

Photo: Linda De Volder

Bolivar Park

One of the largest green areas in the municipality, the park is a great place to take walks and discover other attractions such as the Eishfhel Tower and the Supreme Court of Justice building with its super emblematic arch.

Photo: via Flickr – veritykent

Oratory of Saint Philip Neri

The imposing building with a beautiful courtyard once functioned as an important monastery and today is just a school for girls. When visiting it is possible to go up on the terrace and see Sucre from the top, with towers, churches, reddish roofs and an old bell.

Photo: Fabrizio Vanzini

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