Want to know the best time to see snow in Bariloche? Check out all the tips on when to go to Bariloche and enjoy all the winter attractions of this Argentine destination

Bariloche, or San Carlos de Bariloche, is the closest and most accessible snow destination to Brazilians. Located in the south of Argentina, the city is one of the most sought after places by those who want to see snow or to venture into winter sports. But despite being a place where the probability of finding snow is very high, it does not happen all year round. Therefore, it is essential to know when to go to Bariloche and when is the best time to see snow over there.

It is also true that the city is full of attractions not necessarily linked to snow, which are very pleasing to those who enjoy ecotourism or are looking for a quiet place to spend their holidays. There you will find beautiful mountains, lakes and many stunning scenery that invite you to go hiking, play sports or take a walk in the open air.

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But if your goal at travel to Bariloche is to see snow, this post will help you understand the best time to enjoy – and a lot – the coldest season of the year in this corner of the city. Argentine Patagonia. Check out our tips below.

When to go to Bariloche 

when to see snow in bariloche

Photograph: Chiwi Giambirtone / Emprotur

You may visit Bariloche the whole year. As I already mentioned, the destination has attractions to enjoy incredible vacations in any season. However, for those who want see snow in Bariloche, the best time to travel there is between June and August. However, I need to warn you about some particularities that may influence your choice for the period in which you will visit this Argentine city. And for you to understand better, I will explain how winter occurs in this region of Patagonia.

the high season of winter in Bariloche runs from July 1st to August 31st. However, snow begins to fall there in early June and remains accumulating until mid-September. It is considered high season between July and August because this is the period with the greatest accumulation of snow in the mountains and ski resorts, as well as in the city. In other words, if you want to make the most of the snow in Bariloche, even practicing winter sports, this is the best time to travel there.

However, if your intention is to see snow, travel there in June, when there is more precipitation over the city. Also this month, as the high season has not yet started, the service prices are lower and you can still get to know some winter attractions, such as the ski resorts. In September, it is still cheaper to travel to Bariloche, however, as the accumulation of snow decreases, some tourist facilities tend to close, especially in the mountains.

Snow in Bariloche

snow in bariloche

Photo: Federico Persiani / Unsplash

Snow is, without a doubt, the main attraction of Bariloche. And it doesn't usually disappoint travelers who head there every year to enjoy the days at the ski resorts and venture into the icy mountains that surround this Argentine Patagonian city.

But do you know what is possible to do in the snow in Bariloche?

ski centers

There is no way to visit Bariloche during the snow season without visiting one of its ski centers. And the city has the best and most equipped ski centers in Argentina, with all the facilities to practice the most fun winter sports, even for those who have never had contact with one of them. So, if this is your first time in Bariloche, don't worry, an instructor will teach you the basic techniques of the sport you decide to practice, whether it's snowboarding, skiing or snow tubing.

The main Bariloche ski centers are Cerro Catedral, Piedras Blancas and Cerro Otto Complex. Cerro Catedral is the oldest and most famous track in Argentina and also the most modern in South America. The place has 9 ski slopes, which total 120 kilometers, capable of receiving up to 35 thousand skiers per hour, from the most experienced to beginners in winter sports.

Piedras Blancas, in turn, is an amusement park with five slopes dedicated to skibunda, one of the most fun sports to practice in the snow in Bariloche. Located 4 kilometers from the city, the place is the most sought after by Brazilians traveling to this destination. Finally, the Cerro Otto Complex is located in a beautiful area close to the center of Bariloche, where various sports are practiced. The main landmark of the place is a revolving bakery at the top of the mountain, accessible via cable cars.

ATV ride in the snow

Another must-see attraction in Bariloche, the ATV tour provides a unique experience. For 40 minutes, tourists can drive or hitchhike in modern quadricycles along a snowy trail. And, for the more adventurous, it is also possible to take the ATV tour at night, called Nordic Night (Noche Nordica, in Spanish). In it, tourists are guided along a trail through snowy woods to the top of Cerro Otto, from where they have a panoramic view of the illuminated city.

walk in the snow

For those looking for a more peaceful experience in Bariloche, it is worth taking the snowshoe hike in the Cerro Lopez. Firstly, tourists are taken in 4×4 vehicles to a point up the hill and then continue on foot with the aid of rackets to the top. From there, the view is incredible and reveals the immensity of the Nahuel Huapi National Park, with its lakes, islands and mountains.

Chico Circuit

Also known as a panoramic tour, Circuito Chico is one of the best-known tours in Bariloche and can be done either on your own or with tour companies. The circuit is 60 km long and runs from the city center to the famous Hotel Llao Llao, built in the 1940s in the Province of Río Negro, between the Nahuel Huapi and Moreno lakes. Along the way, the tourist passes by several attractions in the region and can enjoy the most beautiful landscapes of Bariloche, such as the view from the top of Cerro Campanario.

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