Summer, spring, autumn or winter, learn about each season on the continent to choose your ideal trip

It is difficult to choose the time of year when the cities of the old world are more beautiful, in each season the landscape changes, as do the tourist activities. A continent surrounded by culture, history and natural beauty attracts many Brazilians who want to explore each country. To help you choose the best station to schedule your trip in Europe, we separate some tips to make this experience unforgettable.

Best time to visit Europe

When to go to Europe

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Europe in summer

if you want visit Europe in summer It is necessary to know that between the months of July and September, during the school holidays, the trip can be a little more expensive as it is a period of high season.

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It is at this time that residents take to the streets to enjoy the city. During the season it is common to see tourist spots that are more crowded than usual, but nothing that gets in the way of the dream trip.

In summer, it doesn't usually rain and high temperatures, even in colder countries, can reach 40ºC, so if you're there, don't forget to drink plenty of water. In cities like Paris, the rainfall is a little higher during the day and at dusk the thermometer can decrease a little, so pack a bag to withstand the heat, but don't forget a blouse.

The days are longer and the sun remains steady until around 10 pm, making it even easier to visit attractions. the streets receive different musical attractions, concerts and festivals to make the holidays even more exciting. And of course the paradisiacal beaches are even more beautiful with the blue sky.

europe in autumn

Neither cold nor hot, so we can define autumn in the northern hemisphere. The days have mild temperatures, ideal for those looking to escape the intense heat of summer, but also not prepared to face the cold days of winter.

Autumn in Europe starts from late September to mid-December. The landscape is taken by shades of yellow and orange, leaves falling everywhere, dominated by a romantic and monochromatic atmosphere.

If you can't miss parties on your trip, take advantage of the season to plan a trip to Germany to enjoy the famous and original Oktoberfest, but if you prefer an environment taken from old movies, the Medieval festival in Alcalá de Henares, Spain can't be missed. in the script.

Europe in winter

Winter is the low season on the European continent, the months of December and January are inviting. The season is recommended for tourists who are willing to venture into the low temperatures of the season.

The thermometer at this time can reach -20ºC in regions such as Russia, extremely low temperatures for travelers from tropical countries, but with proper clothes, a hot drink, camera in hand, the cold becomes bearable making the trip unique.  

Good news for those planning to travel during the winter is the lower prices compared to other seasons. Even with the cold, it is possible to enjoy the museums, churches, have a delicious hot chocolate in a coffee shop, certainly there was no lack of alternatives for fun. If you are more adventurous you can organize a trip to the Swiss Alps for skiing.

Europe in spring

In spring, joy returns to the streets, the beach town of barcelona hosts the famous Primavera Sound Festival, and people come back to enjoy the outdoors.

Spring is one of the best seasons to discover Europe. The period extends from March to June, with hot days, but unlike summer, prices are not high and the cities are not crowded with tourists.

At this time, all kinds of activities can be carried out, such as seeing the rest of the snow at the highest points, enjoying the works of art by famous artists in the numerous museums or even walking through the well-kept parks full of flowers.

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