Find out when winter starts in the United States to travel enjoying one of the best seasons in the country

For many people traveling in the coldest month of the year is out of the question, but if you want to know when does winter start in usa to travel to this country at this time is making the right choice. This, like the other stations, provides incredible activities and, of course, unforgettable landscapes.

After all, when does winter start in the United States?

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Due to the country's location, the winter in the united states starts in December, with the cold days saying goodbye once and for all in March. In other words: those looking for low temperatures can enjoy them both in high and low season (even if a little less in the latter).

Another positive point of travel to the US in winter is the special schedule that you can find in numerous cities, such as New York. You can enjoy the snow that remains present in numerous American destinations or even enjoy milder temperatures in places typically known for their heat in the summer, such as bustling Las Vegas.

Okay, in this last example, we can't forget that the nights can be cold, but the fact that the city is a little more empty and with a climate that favors hours of walking along the sidewalks makes up for it, doesn't it?

What to find in some destinations when traveling to the United States in winter

now that you already know when does winter start in usa, how about choosing the American destination that best suits you this season? If your itinerary is not yet defined, check out our suggestions:

New York

There is not much to say about New York, as the city is a dream in any season, but during the winter its magic becomes even more present.

Strolling through the snowy landscape of Central Park and ice skating becomes a must, and if you can see the Big Apple from the top of one of its many buildings, don't miss the chance. Although high season, December is the ideal month to travel, and you only need to see the first Christmas decoration to understand why.

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Alaska is known for its cold weather, so it's no wonder that taking a trip there in winter means experiencing extremely low temperatures. During this season, it is recommended to dress very well to withstand the climate of -20ºC, on average, but the gift that nature gives tourists is worth all the effort.

The famous Aurora Borealis appears precisely at this time, making this destination popular among those who want a photo with the colorful sky serving as a backdrop.


Florida is the perfect destination for those who like a more tropical climate, and even with temperatures that can reach 10ºC, it doesn't make it impossible for you to make a winter trip to the US.

Remember that cities like Orlando and Miami will have fewer tourists at this time and therefore fewer queues. It really isn't the ideal season for a swim in the sea, but it makes up for it with lower prices and much less crowded tourist attractions.

To hit the beach, surf and enjoy warmer weather, consider heading to Hawaii, where the weather is great year-round.

Knowing when does winter start in usa and what it offers in some destinations makes it much easier to think of an itinerary, isn't it? And here's one more tip: if possible, travel to this country also in spring, autumn and summer, to observe the contrast between the seasons.

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