International travel insurance in a practical and fast way: check out a step-by-step guide to quote and hire the service online

Gone are the days when it was necessary to go to an agency or make a tiresome phone call to quote and buy international travel insurance. With the advent of the internet, it is currently possible to quote and purchase travel insurance online quickly and conveniently.

Some companies, like NEXT Travel Insurance, allow you to buy insurance on your computer or even on your cell phone. But how is it possible to acquire the service safely and reliably? We will show you the step by step to purchase your insurance without falling into holes.

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What is international travel insurance?

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Before showing you the step by step to buy your international travel insurance online, it is important to know more about this service. As we know, unforeseen events do not have a date or time to happen – they can even arise during a trip abroad. Therefore, hiring good international travel insurance guarantees assistance in cases of accidents and illnesses in an unknown country.

But that's not all: travel insurance, depending on the coverage, also offers support in cases such as lost luggage, rebooking, pharmacy, airline delay, accidents, among others. Financially speaking, the service also pays off, since in some countries, such as the United States, a simple private medical procedure can generate exorbitant amounts.

In other cases, such as in European countries that are part of the Schengen Treaty, tourists must contract a plan with a minimum coverage of 30,000 euros. For the complete list of countries that are part of the treaty, Click here.

How to buy travel insurance online: step by step

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To buy your travel insurance or make your quote online with NEXT Seguro Viagem, the step by step is very simple. Come on?

Step 1 – To get started, access the NEXT Seguro Viagem website clicking here. In the box on the left of the page, you must include some basic information, such as the destination of your trip, the date of departure and return, the number of passengers who will make the trip and their respective ages. Then click on quote.

Step 2 – On the next page you will be able to compare the plans offered by Next, as well as the values of each one. Just choose the one that best meets your needs (check the conditions of assistance). It is also important to evaluate the coverage of each option and also to consider the purpose of your trip (such as leisure, studies or business). Then just click on the option you want and buy.

Step 3 – Check if all the information is correct and, if so, perform a simple registration on the platform providing the requested personal data of each passenger. At this stage, it is important to carefully read the details and conditions of the contracted plan.

Step 4 – Finally, check all your international travel insurance information and the total amount. Then just make the payment online. In up to 5 minutes you will receive by e-mail the proof of your purchase and your ticket/insurance policy. Do not forget to print this document to present during the trip in case of need (take it with you in your hand luggage).

How to activate international travel insurance?

buy international travel insurance online

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After carrying out the step-by-step guide and securing the online purchase of your international travel insurance with NEXT, you will receive the policy in your email in minutes. In this document, which, as we have already said, must be printed and taken with you on your trip, there is a list of telephone numbers. These are the contacts you should contact if necessary.

In addition, there is also an emergency WhatsApp number, which you can also use to receive the necessary support. In addition, in urgent and emergency cases during the trip, NEXT Seguro Viagem offers several options of accredited clinics and hospitals around the world, which can be contacted by the same phone numbers or WhatsApp. If you are unable to get around, a doctor can come to you and perform on-site care.

International travel insurance: get to know NEXT

Travel insurance

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Now that you know how to buy your international travel insurance online, it's time to learn a little more about NEXT Seguro Viagem. The company works with the largest Argentine insurance company with more than 70 years of history and has been awarded several times.

Next has a team prepared and efficient to serve the tourist whatever the need of his trip, such as business, studies, leisure, exchange and even for the practice of extreme sports. The insurance company also has one of the best cost-benefit ratios in the segment, as it does not use intermediaries, thus achieving affordable prices for everyone, in addition to having the best rating rate on the Reclame Aqui platform, where customers leave reports of their experiences.


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