It's easy to find where to eat in Campina Grande, as gastronomy is one of the city's strong points. See tips on the 7 most recommended restaurants in this destination

Is looking for Where to eat in Campina Grande? Then you need to read this post with tips on the 7 most recommended restaurants in this amazing Paraiba city. With the most varied menus and flavors to satisfy your taste buds, these places will make your trip there that much more incredible.

Famous for its typical festivals and for exalting the Northeastern culture in all its forms, Campina Grande also favors regional cuisine in its restaurants and bars. And the best, many of them are close to tourist spots, which makes it even easier to get to know them.

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For example, when visiting the Museu de Arte Popular da Paraíba, you can have lunch at the traditional Bar do Couscous and taste its famous carne de sol com nata. Or, try the bodistic cuisine – based on goat meat – at Bodódromo.

In other words, you don't have to worry that there will be no shortage of options for Where to eat in Campina Grande. From snacks to refined dishes, be sure to find incredible places to delight in Paraíba, national and international cuisine.

So let's get down to business? Check out our tips on the 7 most recommended restaurants in Campina Grande below. Find out what they can offer you and where to find them.

Most recommended restaurants in Campina Grande

best restaurants campina grande

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Gastronomy reference in Campina Grande, the Bododromo It is a place to go with friends and family to try delicious dishes and enjoy a light and relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant serves buffet lunch, plus snacks and drinks. Bodódromo's specialty is bodistic cuisine - dishes made with goat meat -, but there are several other options.

With a rustic and ample atmosphere, the Bodódromo has live music during the weekend, with authentic forró pé de serra presented by several trios, who take turns in the presentation of established music from the Northeastern culture.

To top it off, the restaurant has a privileged location, in the José Pinheiro neighborhood. It is close to the Açude Velho, the Museum of Popular Art of Paraíba, the Monument to the Pioneers and Shopping Partage.

ox and ember

Right in the center of Campina Grande, the steakhouse ox and ember It is the ideal place for lovers of a good barbecue. The place serves 25 types of meat cuts, from traditional to noble. In addition, it has an excellent buffet with salads, seafood, pasta and Japanese foods.

A member of one of the largest steakhouse chains in the northeast, Boi e Brasa Campina Grande has a refined and very cozy atmosphere, a kids space, an air-conditioned wine cellar and a hall for events.


Located in the Food Court of Partage Shopping, the Bonaparte is one of the most recommended restaurants in Campina Grande. It is part of an express kitchen network, present in several malls in the northeast.

Bonaparte's menu includes executive dishes with meat, fish, poultry and salads. In addition to unusual combinations that give refinement to traditional fast food. The restaurant uses fresh ingredients that are prepared daily to ensure the highest quality dishes are available, which is why Bonaparte has become a top-notch gastronomic option.

Galiotto House

A place that pleases all palates, so is the Galiotto House. With a very diverse menu and delicious dishes, the restaurant serves the best of Brazilian and Italian cuisine. To complete, the place serves fine wines from the Galiotto Winery.

Located near the center of Campina Grande, Casa Galiotto is among the most recommended. So, if you are visiting the city, be sure to visit this place and taste its dishes. The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Sunday.

Roccia kitchen

THE Roccia kitchen is the best place to eat in Campina Grande to experience the flavors of Paraíba. With a menu that privileges local products - spices, grains and fruits -, the restaurant translates the culture of Paraíba in its dishes.

Located in the Tambaú district, at Holanda's Prime Shopping Residence, Cozinha Roccia is open from Tuesday to Sunday. On the menu, you will find sun-dried meat, crispy tripe, seafood, pumpkin, fava rayada, among other regional products.

Possidonium hut

Another great option for a place to eat in Campina Grande is the Possidonium hut. Located in Partage Shopping, the restaurant has a rich buffet, with several options of meat, fish, pasta and salads.

Traditionally, Cabana Possidônio was opened in 1967 and has units in Campina Grande and João Pessoa. The menu includes several options for shrimp dishes, ranging from shrimp in parmigiana to shrimp in pesto sauce. There are also dishes with noble cuts of meat, including sun-dried meat, and many desserts.

Couscous Bar

Located in Açude Velho, next to the Museum of Popular Art of Paraíba, the traditional Couscous Bar is famous in Campina Grande for its carne de sol with cream and lively shows. And, of course, the couscous – which gives the restaurant its name – is sensational.

The menu ranges from snacks to full meals, with executive and combo dishes that serve up to three people. There you will find delicious pastries, tasty pizzas, meats and fish.

With a cool atmosphere, which includes an outdoor area, the Bar do Couscous guarantees fun for adults and children. The place has a space dedicated to the little ones, called Cuscuzlândia, with more than 50 toys.

With so many options for where to eat in Campina Grande, it is even difficult to choose. But if it's worth a tip, I want to suggest you take a tour of these 7 most recommended restaurants in this amazing city in Paraíba. I'm sure you won't regret it.

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