Discover the options that range from typical Minas Gerais food to the famous Canastra Cheese and more traditional dishes from Brazil

It is practically impossible to talk about Minas Gerais not to mention cheese, so when it comes to where to eat in Serra da Canasta it is common for people to imagine places dedicated only to the cheese of this region.

But gastronomy in Canasta It's very rich, you know? There you will find options for all tastes, from typical food from Minas Gerais, with the taste of grandma’s house, to specialties created with the traditional Canastra Cheese and even more common “dishes” for Brazilians in general, such as a pizza to liven up. at night or a cold açaí to refresh the day after the walks.

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In the midst of so many options, we separate 3 restaurants in Serra da Canastra for you to include in your script.

Original Cuisine – Flavors of Canastra

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commanded by chef Joanne Ribas, the Original Kitchen is in São José do Barreiro, within the municipality of São Roque de Minas, and has a lot of Minas Gerais cuisine with a hint of innovation and a lot of learning acquired in the experiences of chef on his travels in Europe.

This is where you can find that perfect pork rind, along with other Minas Gerais delicacies and exclusive creations by the chef, such as the egg yolk “ceviche” – which surprises in flavor even those who don't like this vegetable. To finish the meal, a cup of coffee, a dulce de leche for dessert and a nap in the hammocks in the outdoor area and that's it: batteries recharged for the next tour.

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The restaurant's highlight, in addition to the food, is the view: eating with the Baú da Canastra landscape as the main element of a rustic concept setting is truly priceless. Nearby are two other tourist attractions: the Casca D'Anta Waterfall and the Praia do Rio San Francisco.

Old Chico

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Located right in the center of Sao Roque de Minas, the main municipality in the region, Velho Chico Restaurant is by far one of the best options for where to eat in Serra da Canasta, especially for those looking for a nice atmosphere for dinner.

Live music is always present and dishes based on the traditional Canastra Cheese are practically mandatory and stand out in the kitchen, such as the Filet Mignon with Canastra Cheese Sauce and Surubim with Cheese Sauce, both delicious. The best pizzas in town are also here, especially Mignon Canastra and Três Queijos com Canastra Maçaricado. A mining gift!

All dishes are very well served, forget about the diet and enjoy. By the way, don't leave without eating the Nutella crepe with cream ice cream and red fruit syrup: delicious!

Rural Producer's Fair

Want a more laid-back option, to eat well in Serra da Canastra and to get to know more about the local way of life? Then go to the Rural Producer Fair, which takes place every Friday from 6pm in the central square, close to the Old Chico.

There are several stalls from local producers with several options to eat right there or take home, such as homemade sweets. The fair organization also offers live music, which helps to attract even more locals and tourists who are around, creating a super cool bohemian atmosphere.

Oh, and as soon as the fair is over, the bohemia continues in the surrounding bars: there are country people, rock music, more gastronomic options for snacks, lots of tables on the sidewalk (it's worth sitting at one on the nights of the full moon) and also lots of nice people to meet late at night. So, which of these places to eat in Serra da Canastra caught your attention the most?

If you want an extra tip, here it is: fit everyone into your itinerary and live the experience that each one offers. Sit down for a “prose” with the chef Joanne to learn about its history, with Ricardo, owner of Velho Chico, for a quick chat about his choice for Serra da Canastra and with rural producers to learn about their products, is also a way to make your trip much richer.

To be able to take advantage of all these options, try to stay in the central area in a hotel that offers tours to the region, such as the Hotel Chapadao da Canastra.

Important to know: between the hotel, Velho Chico and the square where the fair takes place, it is a few minutes' walk, which also allows you to know a little more about the city of Sao Roque de Minas.

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Hotel Chapadao da Canastra
Benjamin Constant Street, 10 – São Roque de Minas
37 3433 1267 | 37 3433 1526 | 37 9 9911 5852 (WhatsApp)
E-mail: [email protected]
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