Find the ideal sites to buy your cheap air tickets and plan your long-awaited dream trip 

the search for airfare on sale is infinite on the internet. Every day, thousands of people search for their dream travel destinations. A big factor that prevents them from carrying out this plan is not knowing which are the most reliable sites to make the purchase. 

What's even better is the possibility to find great deals for both national and international destinations. For this reason, here you will find the best sites that sell airline tickets. Here are the most popular sites on the internet:

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Websites with discounted airfares that you can trust!

A large part of the population likes to purchase their tickets in advance. There's a good reason for this, and if you've made it this far, you're certainly one of those people. The great advantage of buying tickets on websites on the internet is that you are faced with many offers.

It's not every day that we can invest a lot to have the leisure we want with our family and friends. So, check out the best places to find them below. tickets on sale and make your purchase in trusted places.

How to buy cheap airline tickets? Photo: Disclosure

Ticket promotion through MaxMilhas

Being one of the most reliable sites to buy airline tickets, MaxMiles can bring many benefits to your pocket. By accessing the site in depth, you can find great daily deals. 

The company's biggest differential is the possibility of buying airline tickets with other people's miles, guaranteeing savings of up to 50% on domestic and international tickets. These purchase models are great allies when you want to buy even cheaper flights.

if you want to find ticket promotion, you can't miss a complete tour of the platform and if you have miles, you can also use them as part of your payment, saving you even more. We're sure you'll find something at great prices!

Airline tickets in the promotion via Decolar

Surely you have heard of this company. At the Take off You can also find airline tickets to help you make the trip you want so much. With a huge amount of destinations, you might even be undecided when choosing. But remember to take advantage of the offers, even if they are few.

where to find cheap airline tickets

Promotion of airline tickets on GOL, Latam, Azul and MaxMilhas. Photo: Disclosure

Promotion of tickets with Gol

As much as the major airlines do not provide the best offers, Gol stands out among them. This is one of the lines that offer the most promotional air tickets and reliable, even more for being one of the main Brazilian airlines.

To guarantee great prices, remember to buy the round trip segments together, as each of the flights is cheaper. You can also choose a trip with a ideal time to take a vacation, choosing the flight according to the airline's departure days, avoiding long connections. 

CVC Travel and promotional air tickets

Another place where you can find cheap airline tickets is the CVC website. Very focused on hotels and destinations, they also have ticket offers that may be useful for you. It's the ideal place to search for packages, so if you already have a place to stay, searching for discounted tickets may not be as effective.

 Online platforms are usually the most suitable channels to make purchases like this. Therefore, it is important to remember that not all are reliable. Follow the references, buy from well-known companies and avoid falling for scams!

where to find cheap airline tickets

Find discount airfares. Photo: Disclosure

Choose your destination in our travel guide!

Alright, now that you know where you can find the tickets on offers, be sure to check out our Travel Guide. In it you can find 100 destinations in Brazil that you may have never heard of.

 If you want to know more about specific locations to plan your trip even better, do a quick search for your destination here on the site. With this, you can stay on top of all the articles about your chosen place and, of course, discover many others.

 We are always bringing you news about ticket promotion because we understand well their need. Make your search on MaxMiles and guarantee your dream trip.

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Dica extra para reservar hotéis

Para encontrar inúmeras opções de acomodação e reservar hotéis e pousadas com os melhores preços, utilizamos o - disponível em milhares de destinos.

Passagens aéreas mais baratas

Para economizar com voos, consultamos primeiro as passagens aéreas na MaxMilhas, - quase sempre encontramos os melhores preços tanto no Brasil quanto no exterior. As passagens podem ser emitidas mesmo para quem não tem milhas aéreas.

Outras dicas úteis

Encontre informações úteis sobre os best destinations do mundo, com guias de viagens especializados sobre diferentes places to visit in Brazil e no exterior. São milhares de travel tips com sugestões de onde ir na sua viagem, recomendação de hotels, notícias atualizadas e muito mais.

Precisa de um carro na sua viagem? Encontre aluguel de carro na Rentcars e cote modelos diferentes podendo ser parcelado em até 10x. Já para passeios e ingressos antecipados, fechamos tudo sempre pela Get Your Guide.

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