Spending the New Year in a quiet place on the beach or spending New Year's Eve in Brazil enjoying a party? Check out our guide to places to spend the New Year with your feet in the sand

the vacation of end of year They always give you a little extra taste when packing your bags and embarking on your next adventure. Even if you haven't chosen your trip, with the dollar heights, traveling to a destination around here has become the most economical option for those who want to spend New Year's Eve in Brazil.

And if the idea is to enjoy a Brazilian destination with your feet in the sand, there is no shortage of options to find the right place for this New Year's Eve, scattered in various corners of the country and for all types of travelers.

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Not sure where to go at the end of the year? To help the undecided who still don't know Where spend New Year's Eve 2020, we made a complete guide with quiet places and trendy cities to travel this end of year.

We have selected destinations for all tastes, dedicated to those who are taking a vacation at this time and want to travel with their family to a less hectic place or for those looking for a lot of fun with friends. Meet these end of year trips and embark on a new destination. Find the place that best suits you and discover where to spend New Year's Eve in Brazil.

Where to spend New Year's Eve in Brazil?

Praia do Rosa, Santa Catarina

Photo: Renato Soares / MTur

THE Praia do Rosa, on the coast of Santa Catarina, became known for having been a hippie stronghold during the 70s. Today the beach has become a preserved paradise for surfers and, without a doubt, the option chosen by young people who seek parties on the beach, especially at this time of year.

This is one of the most popular options for those who want to spend the New Year's Eve in Brazil, enjoying the nature of the southern region on a New Year's Eve at the beach, jumping 7 waves or just surfing, taking a dip or enjoying the hectic parties with friends.

Jericoacoara, Ceará 

Photo: Jade Queiroz / MTUR

Jericoacoara It deserves to be visited all year round, but it is exactly on New Year's Eve that the village becomes even busier. In private parties, charming inns bet on special programs with international DJs, cocktails and fireworks.

Tourists from all over the world find themselves in this part of the coast of Ceará, taking the opportunity to spend New Year's Eve in Brazil, in one of the most magical turns in the Northeast. Is this your next destination? Enjoy the beaches, dunes, lagoons and take time to do buggy rides and sports on the seaside. Like the idea? Check out our tips on places in Jericoacoara.

Algodoal, Pará

Photo: Fabricio Coleny / Wikimedia Commons

Still little known by tourists, the peaceful village of cotton, on the island of Maiandeua, in Pará, has become a rustic and peaceful destination to visit. At the end of the year, residents of the state choose Algodoal as a destination to spend New Year's Eve, and besides them, tourists who visit the beaches of this paradise island. A rustic but very charming experience for those who want to enjoy a beach in the Amazon, traveling to a new year's eve destination Foot on the sand.

Sao Miguel dos Milagres, Alagoas

Photo: Marco Ankosqui / MTur

We already know that the Northeast is the right choice for romantic trips. But, know that this can also be a different trip to enjoy with friends.

the new year in San Miguel dos Milagres is among the most awaited New Year's Eve parties in Alagoas. Recently, the municipality of Alagoas became known for the new year's eve, and during this period, the city hosts a big party on the beach, with live music, supper at seaside restaurants and fireworks. Hostels and holiday homes usually have 100% occupancy months before the event, so it is important to guarantee reservations in advance if this is the destination chosen to spend New Year's Eve in Brazil.

Vila do Abraao, Ilha Grande 

Photo: TMbux / Wikimedia Commons

THE Big Island It is the largest of the 365 islands of the Rio de Janeiro municipality of Angra dos Reis. The village of Abraão, the most structured village on the island, is the most coveted destination for those looking for where to spend New Year's Eve in Brazil and enjoy beautiful beaches. In fact, this is what else is on this paradise island. There are more than 100 beaches that surround this part of Southeast Brazil.

Departing from the main village, tourists can enjoy nature walks, trails, freshwater baths and water sports on these beautiful beaches. The village of Abraão also receives a very busy party in end of year, but on some beaches on the island there is the option to escape the hustle and face a paradisiacal beach to renew your energies, even in high season. Do you like nature? Ilha Grande can be the right destination to spend New Year's Eve in Brazil.

Village of São Jorge, Chapada dos Veadeiros

Photo: Augusto Miranda / MTur

Although the friendly village is right on the sand, that's not all that makes the village of São Jorge a magical place. the village of Saint George It is located in front of Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park, in the middle of the Brazilian Cerrado.

This is the gateway for those who want to visit the waterfalls in the region, discovering viewpoints and natural attractions in this part of the state of Goiás. Want to spend the New Year in nature in a truly magical place? This is one of the main ecotourism places for spend New Year's Eve in Brazil, more precisely in the Brazilian Midwest.

Alter do Chao, Pará

Photo: Tiago Silveira / MTUR

Alter do Chão is another Brazilian end-of-the-year destination for those looking for a peaceful trip, away from the beaten and very busy destinations. The small village became known when an English journalist visited the village and published an article about the “Amazonian Caribbean”.

are looking for where to spend New Year's Eve in Brazil far from the crowd? The waters of the Tapajós River, dotted with islands and sandbanks in the middle of the Amazon, have fallen in love with adventurers from all over the world and may fall in yours too. Today the village is more structured, but it remains equally charming. Like the idea? See more tips about Alter do Chão.

Caraiva, Bahia

Photo: Marcelino Dias / Wikimedia Commons

Considered the most beautiful village on the Discovery Coast, on the South Coast of Bahia, the small coastal town of caraiva It is formed by a peninsula bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, creating one of those paradisiacal and untouched places to travel throughout the year, even if your idea is a different destination to spend New Year's Eve in Brazil.

The village is very quiet and can be an alternative for those who want to spend the New Year on a beach, enjoying the nature of the Bahia coast in the Monte Pascoal National Park. History lovers will be surprised to discover that this is also considered the oldest village in Brazil, according to studies by the Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional (IPHAN).

Atins, Maranhão

Photo: Fernando4545 / Wikimedia Commons

On one side, the extensive beaches of the coast of Maranhão, and on the other, the entire immensity of the Lencois Maranhenses National Park. The town of Atins is a rustic but very pleasant village that is attracting more and more tourists looking for a quiet place to spend New Year's Eve in Brazil or even for those who want to enjoy a new place in the Northeast. The village is located very close to the dunes of the national park, being an ideal destination for those who want to enjoy the freshwater lagoons formed between the dunes, practice sports or simply relax in the sea baths that can be found in this oasis.

Porto de Pedras, Alagoas

Photograph; Edson Carvalho / Wikimedia Commons

Port of Stones is a small town in the interior, located among the extensive strips of coconut trees found along most of the coast of Alagoas. The peaceful atmosphere created in the village invites you to relax. On the beaches, few tourists concentrate to enjoy the sea with calm and warm waters. The charming seaside inns bring a rustic elegance, creating true ecological retreats in the Northeast. Artists from all over Brazil choose to stroll along these beaches, staying in charming inns to spend New Year's Eve, being one of the ideal places for those who enjoy the New Year's Eve in the greatest quiet.

Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco

Discover where to spend New Year's Eve in Brazil

Photo: Cleferson Comarela / Wikimedia Commons

Port of Chickens is one of the most visited postcards on the Pernambuco coast, offering an excellent structure of hotels, resorts, inns, holiday homes, bars and restaurants. The main attractions of Porto de Galinhas are the beautiful beaches, buggy rides, raft rides, diving in natural pools and quad bike rides.

With a wide variety of accommodation, Porto de Galinhas can be a cheap destination if you know how to save money and still enjoy one of the most desired destinations to spend New Year's Eve in Brazil.

The village located in the municipality of Ipojuca still maintains a peaceful atmosphere on the beaches further away from the village, perfect for those who wish to travel at this time of year. Want to know more about the city? Check out our travel guides from Port of Chickens.

Jalapão, Tocantins

See where to spend New Year's Eve in Brazil

Photo: Flávio André / MTUR

Now, if the idea is to escape traditional destinations and embark on a real adventure, visit the jalapão is to discover a still little explored part of Brazil, where untouched nature predominates. Located in the state of Tocantins, in Jalapão tourists can find dunes, safaris, 4×4 tours and diving in the natural fervedouros of crystalline waters. An unforgettable trip for those looking for a different New Year's Eve experience. Want to spend the end of the year somewhere new and full of adventure? Check out our tips on jalapão.

Barra da Lagoa, Santa Catarina

Photo: Isabela de Souza Morales / Wikimedia Commons

It is only 21 km from the center of Florianopolis to the neighborhood of Barra da Lagoa, on the coast of Santa Catarina. Floripa is also known as the “Island of Magic” and certainly a lot is owed to the charms of this traditional neighborhood of the city. Cut by a canal and divided by 2 main beaches, Barra da Lagoa has a great influence of the culture of the island's manézinhos and has become a great destination option for those who want to spend the new year in Florianópolis.

The location also makes it easy to get to know the other attractions on the island, which can be good for those who want to enjoy a party in Floripa or even for those who just want to relax. Still haven't chosen where to spend New Year's Eve? Find more tips about Florianopolis.

Icaraí de Amontada, Ceará

Photo: Disclosure / Icaraizinho.com

The coast of Ceará still has many paradisiacal beaches for those looking for a really authentic Northeast. Icaraí de Amontada it was basically discovered by kite surfers who took advantage of the strong winds of this part of the coast to practice the sport. Many of them come from Jericoacoara, about 150 km away, enjoying this little-traveled part of the coast of Ceará.

With the increase in visitors, the old fishing village began to receive charming inns, but it did not lose its rustic and peaceful atmosphere. The accommodations are extremely comfortable and the beaches remain paradisiacal, that is, a perfect place to spend New Year's Eve.

Guarda do Embaú, Santa Catarina

List shows where to spend New Year's Eve in Brazil

Photo: Renan Coutinho / Wikimedia Commons

Surfers spot, the Embaú Guard is one of the most beautiful beaches on the coast of Santa Catarina, located in the municipality of Palhoça. The beach is known for the tranquility found during the low seasons and also for being the first Brazilian region to participate in the World Surfing Reserve, being the ninth in the world. During New Year's Eve and New Year parties, the seaside village becomes a place with a great concentration of people and activities to enjoy with friends throughout the day.

Buzios, Rio de Janeiro 

Where to spend New Year's Eve in Brazil

Photo: Diego Rego Monteiro / Wikimedia Commons

Búzios stands out on the north coast of Rio de Janeiro, one of the main and best-structured attractions in the Lagos Region. The beach became known worldwide when the actress Brigitte Bardot, at the height of her career, visited Brazil and decided to spend some time on this quiet beach in Rio de Janeiro. Nowadays the city has been modernized and offers a wide choice of hotels and inns for all budgets. In addition to the beaches and the revitalized waterfront, take advantage of the New Year's trip to do the trails and traditional boat trips in Búzios.

Ilha do Mel, Paraná 

Paradise beach to spend New Year's Eve in Paraná

Photo: Cyrus Augustus Moro Daldin / Wikimedia Commons

A great destination to relax and enjoy great parties is Honey Island, in Paraná. The island has no street lamps, no cars, and only five thousand people are allowed in. If you want a paradise place, consider this to be your destination. If you want tranquility, discover where to spend New Year's Eve.

In this part of Paraná, only 3% of the island's territory has human interference, that is, 97% of the island is uninhabited. These points make the destination very popular at the turn of the year, as it has a limited entry. Do you want to visit Ilha do Mel, but don't give up on a good party? Canto da Vó, in Praia Grande, or Bar Barranco, in Praia de Fora, promote incredible parties that go on until the first rays of sun.

Pipa, Rio Grande do Norte 

List shows where to spend the new year in the Northeast

Photo: Humberto Sales / MTur

Ringing all year round, the Pipa beach is among the most charming destinations in the Northeast. The village gains a special charm during the summer nights, especially in the new year, when all the bars and restaurants are open until late.

Tourists from all over the world visit this part of the large northern river, which is just 89 km from Natal. Start the year recharging your energies in lush landscapes, with beaches and a party night at the turn of the year. Plan your trip, check out our tips on Praia de Pipa. Do you like nature and deserted beaches? Find out where to spend New Year's Eve in the Northeast.

Fernando de Noronha, Pernambuco 

List shows where to spend New Year's Eve 2020 in the Northeast

Photo: Bruno Lima / MTUR

Filled with paradisiacal and very well preserved scenarios, the Fernando de Noronha Archipelago It is one of the most coveted destinations in the country. At the end of the year, prices are usually much higher than those practiced in other destinations, as there is a limitation of people who can stay on the island and this makes competition even more fierce. Tourists who manage to secure a reservation, celebrate the New Year with private all-inclusive parties, or just stroll through the unspoilt nature of Fernando de Noronha. Several famous people also spend New Year's Eve in the archipelago, which usually gathers people from all over the world. destination of new Year perfect to enjoy with friends, visit some of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, meet new people and enjoy the natural beauty of the region. Could this be your next trip? See our tips on Fernando de Noronha.

Ilhabela, Sao Paulo 

List shows where to spend New Year's Eve in Brazil

Photo: Maristela Colucci / MTUR

Located in one of the most exuberant regions of the north coast of São Paulo, the paradise Beautiful island is one of the best options to spend New Year's Eve in the state of Sao Paulo. On New Year's Eve, several hotels and nightclubs promote exclusive parties in front of the island's beaches. During the days, all the beauty of the Atlantic Forest gives the air of grace in extremely reserved beaches. Want to get away from the hustle? Choose beaches further away for a more exclusive experience.

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