Cultural experience in Bariloche brings together tango and mountains in an unforgettable night

Bariloche is known for its impressive natural beauty, mountains, lakes and lots of snow. But how to enjoy the night and the Argentine culture there? Is it possible to check out tango shows in the city?

Despite being a relatively small city, it is possible to enjoy the Argentine culture a lot and check out one of the most incredible tango performances possible. It is a tour of the Berghof Refuge, a cultural experience that combines all the charm of the icy mountains with the typical Argentine dance. Amazing, huh?

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In this unprecedented experience, you will not only enjoy a show of tango beautiful as well as having another perspective of bariloche: see the city at night, all lit up, from the top of Cerro Otto. Using headlamps, visitors make the ascent through an incredible walk in a forest native to the region. Arriving there, it is possible to have this panoramic view of the city and Lake Nahuel Huapi.

After this moment of pure harmony with nature, it's time to go to the Berghof Refuge. After a walk through the icy mountains, there's nothing better than being welcomed in a cozy place, with a warm fireplace and an atmosphere decorated by candlelight. If you're lucky and the sky is clear, the moon will make the atmosphere even more romantic there.

After a delicious dinner with the most incredible view, it's time for the tango show. At the Berghof Refuge, the great attraction are the live shows with the best local artists, who bring all the energy in an exciting presentation of the typical dance Argentina.

This experience is, without a doubt, the best way to unite the splendor of nature with cultural insertion, all in one night. For those who wanted to experience this unique and unmissable moment, agency Bariloche Select, carries out this and other tours that reveal the best of the city.

Photo: Refugio Berghof Dissemination Bariloche Select

Photo: Refugio Berghof Dissemination Bariloche Select

Photo: Refugio Berghof Dissemination Bariloche Select

Photo: Refugio Berghof Dissemination Bariloche Select

THE Bariloche Select is an agency that has been in the market for over 10 years and is specialized in Brazilian tourism in Bariloche. The agency has a highly skilled and specialized team, as well as a special infrastructure to receive Brazilian tourists there.

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