There is no shortage of options for places to shop in Cancun. And the best: in addition to having the most varied types of products, they are excellent options for tours in the destination.

One of the items in all travel planning is, without a doubt, the purchases that we will be able to make in the chosen destination. Even if the budget is not the biggest, at least one souvenir we have to bring home, right? With that in mind, if you planning to travel to Cancun, it is essential to know where to shop over there.

And there is no shortage of options for places, both for those who are willing to open their pockets and bring more than just travel souvenirs and for those travelers who just enjoy strolling through the shopping centers.

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The majority of best shopping spots in Cancun located in the Hotel Zone and, therefore, very close to tourists. And, like the destination itself, they are full of attractions and conquer for their beauty and diversity.

Among the options that we will list below, there are luxurious and popular malls, shopping and entertainment centers and markets specialized in regional items, perfect for that travel souvenir. And the best: you will see that it is possible to do shopping in cancun also without spending a lot. For, in addition to the great brands, the city has traditional stores with inviting prices.

The best places to shop in Cancun

where to shop in cancun

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Okay, but let's get to the point. Check out what are the best places to shop in Cancun. In them, in addition to finding articles of the most varied types, you will also find great restaurants.

La Isla

We couldn't start talking about anywhere else: the La Isla is the most visited shopping center in the Hotel Zone and one of the best options for those who want to shopping in cancun.

La Isla is an open-air mall, with a very pleasant and lively atmosphere, and offers a wide variety of stores, selling everything from home decor to clothing. There you will also find big brands such as Zara, Nike, Bull & Bear, Puma, Kielh's, iStore, Diesel and Swarovski.

But it's not just for shopping that La Isla is sought after. The mall has great options for places to eat – Planet Hollywood, Mcdonald's, Starbucks, Häagen Dazs – and have fun – amusement park, cinema, casino and aquarium.

Forum by the Sea

Forum by the Sea is more than a Cancun shopping center, is a point of entertainment, especially at night. It is also located in the Hotel Zone and is surrounded by nightclubs. Inside it, you will find from stores of the most varied articles to restaurants and cinema.

Among the best-known brands with stores at Forum by the Sea, Bijoux, Harley Davidson, Coco Bongo Boutique, Sunglasses Island, Zingara, Ambarte and Silver Inn stand out. When visiting, it's also worth making time for its great places to eat, which include Haagen-Dazs, Chili's, Cambalache, Chuchito Perez, James, Grandma Quesadillas, Blue Bar, and a large Hard Rock Café house.

Market 28

If you like crafts and are looking for souvenirs and souvenirs of travel, Mercado 28 cannot be left out of your itinerary when traveling to Cancún. Located right in the center of the city, it brings together several stores filled with items that represent – and very well – the Mexican culture.

And the best part is that there you can find a little bit of everything: ceramics, leather goods, handcrafted and painted pieces, silver jewelry, magnets, shirts, wrestling masks, tequilas and peppers. Oh! Remember to haggle, as this is where you can save big on your shopping in Cancun.

Mercado 28 also has a food court with several popular restaurants, mostly specializing in Mexican cuisine. Therefore, it is also an excellent option to try the typical dishes of the country.

Plaza Caracol

Plaza Caracol is another Cancun shopping center that is worth knowing. Unlike the more sophisticated ones, it is a more charming and smaller place, but with great shopping options, where you will find art, fashion and entertainment.

Like the other places we have already mentioned, Plaza Caracol is located in the Hotel Zone. And, despite being a small mall, it brings together stores of the most varied items, from souvenirs to jewelry made with local stones - including one specializing in pieces made with amber. If you're the type of traveler who doesn't return home without a souvenir of the destination, Plaza Caracol is the ideal place to find your travel souvenir.

Plaza Flamingo

Kukulcan Plaza

Do you want to shop in a beautiful, pleasant place with amazing stores? Then, you need to know the Kukulcan Plaza, in Cancún. Also in the Hotel Zone, it stands out for its architectural beauty and the variety of boutiques and restaurants.

Another feature of Kukulcán is the Luxury Avenue gallery, where you can find internationally known brands such as Burberry, Fendi, Montblanc, Cartier, Hugo Boss, Pandora, Coach, Louis Vuitton, MaxMara, Paul&Shark, Swarovski, Swatch and The CH Carolina Herrera.

The main stores in Kukulcán are: Forever 21, Scorpion Jewelry, Kipling, Katz Art Gallery, Harley Davidson and Liverpool. Dining options include fast-food chains such as McDonald's and Burger King, and local restaurants such as Jambalaya Cajun and Tequila Grill.

Plaza las Americas

One of the biggest shopping malls in Cancun, Plaza las Américas is right in the center of the city and has a huge variety of stores. Spacious and organized, the place is an excellent option both for sightseeing and for shopping trips.

In it, you will find from the most traditional stores - and with very competitive prices - to the most luxurious - branded. Among the most sought after are Liverpool, Equinox, Samba, Quick Silver, GUESS, Ou La La, Fashion City, Sears, Chedraui, C&A, Furor, Forever 21, Game Cube, Sears, Happy World, Zingara, Ferdie, Nine West, Ultra Femme, Watch my Watch, Radio Shack, Copy Shop, Sunglass Island, Claro, Zara, Oakley and Hello Kitty.

Plaza las Américas also has several options for places to eat, including chains known to Brazilians, such as Burger King, Pizza Hut and McDonald's. But if you prefer to eat something typical of Mexico, you will also find excellent restaurants, such as Cajun Grill and La Parrilla.

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