Don't know where to stay in Prague? Check out the 10 best neighborhoods in the capital of the Czech Republic and check out our tips for hotels, inns and hostels

The capital of the Czech Republic is a city with an excellent public transport network that connects all the neighborhoods and main tourist attractions, so you will hardly have problems with getting around during your trip.

To better understand how the division of the neighborhoods of Prague and not having a problem that surprises you unexpectedly on your trip, it is necessary to know that the destination is separated by 12 districts numbered by “Prague 1”, “Prague 2” and so on.

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The Historic Center concentrates most of the tourist attractions and the vast majority of charming hotels and inns in Prague. This region is formed by 8 districts, from 1 to 8, which in turn are subdivided into neighborhoods. 

The other districts are mostly surrounding the neighborhoods of the tourist area, and may be a more economical option.

Check out 11 areas of the city that are considered the best neighborhoods to stay in Prague:

  • Old Town (Staré Město)
  • Mala Strana  
  • Jewish Quarter (Josefov) 
  • New Town (Nové Město) 
  • vinohrady 
  • Vyšehrad 
  • Žižkov (Prague 3) 
  • Smichov (Prague 5) 
  • Holesovice (Prague 7) 
  • Karlin (Prague 8) 
  • Vršovice (Prague 10)

For those looking for a better location and an experience of staying in the streets of the medieval center of Prague, the option is certainly the “Prague 1” and “Prague 2” districts, which encompasses the first 6 districts on the list. 

Tips to save money on accommodation in Prague

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Above all, Prague also has great accommodation options on Airbnb. The platform that offers house, apartment and room rentals can be much cheaper than hotels. And if you haven't registered yet, you can use this discount code.

Best neighborhoods to stay in Prague

Old Town – Staré Město

best neighborhoods to stay in Prague 2

Where to stay in Prague – Neighborhood of Starpé Mesto Photo: Andrew Mayovskyy / shutterstock

It is in this neighborhood that you will find the Old Town Square, the main postcard of Prague and the area that concentrates most of the tourist attractions of the destination. 

Those staying in this neighborhood will therefore have easy access to all must see of the city, but you will certainly find the saltier hotel options. 

THE Four Seasons it is one of the more elegant choices and has a spectacular view of the Vltava River with Prague Castle in the background. Other highly rated hotels with 5-star services are Grand Hotel Praha, located in front of the City Hall and the Astronomical Clock, and the Old Town Square Hotel

The most economical and comfortable options are the Old Town Residence, the nice Hotel Melantrich it's the 7 Tales Suites. already the Franz Kafka Hostel It's a great choice for travelers looking for more laid-back spots.

Other hotel options in Stare Mesto:

Jewish Quarter (Josefov)

Where to stay in Prague

Where to stay in Prague – Neighborhood of Josefov. Photo: Disclosure

Located on the outskirts of the Old Town Square, the Josefov neighborhood carries Jewish heritage and carries an imposing set of mansions with impressive architecture. Despite being next to the trendiest area of Prague, the Jewish Quarter has a calmer atmosphere.

It is worth remembering that this is one of the noblest areas of Prague, and therefore one of the most expensive. Among the most luxurious hotels are the President Hotel Prague it's the InterContinental Prague.

THE Nice View Apartment it's the Golden Prague Rooms It is located next to Synagoga Staronova and has great value for money. 

Other hotel options in Josefov:

Mala Strana

Best neighborhoods in Prague

Where to stay in Prague – Neighborhood of Mala Strana. photo: Shutterstock

Another charming place with great hotel options in Prague is Malá Strana or “Lower Town”. The neighborhood is between the Prague 1 and Prague 5 districts, more precisely between the Charles Bridge and the fabulous Prague Castle.

Among the best hostels in this neighborhood are the royal palace, the most charming Alchymist Prague Castle and the luxurious Augustine.

With great location the Small Luxury Palace Hotel it's the Three Golden Crowns Apartments they are in the heart of the neighborhood and have comfortable rooms with more economical values.

THE Santini Prague is the most popular and popular hostel option for backpackers in this part of Prague.

Other hotel options in Mala Strana:

New Town (Nové Město)

Where to stay in Prague

Where to stay in Prague – Neighborhood of Nové Město. Photo: Disclosure

Known as the New Town, the Nové Město district is home to the famous Wenceslas Square and is just under 1 km from Prague's Old Town. The neighborhood concentrates a huge offer of shops, restaurants, pubs and hotels.

THE Cosmopolitan, The Imperial Art Deco and the luxurious Carlo IV, The Dedica Anthology, housed in one of the most beautiful buildings in this region, are the best-rated hotels on platforms such as and Tripadvisor.

Cost-effective options are up to the Ibis Old Town It's from Exe City Park.

Other hotel options in Nové Mesto:


Photo: Disclosure

With quiet streets and great restaurants dotted around the neighborhood, Vyšehrad is located in one of the most beautiful spots in the city of Prague. The hotels Hotel Union and Park Inn Hotel are located close to Vyšehrad Castle and the famous building known as the Dancing House.

Other hotel options in Vysehrad:


Where to stay in Prague – Hradčany district. Photo: Disclosure

The Prague Castle district is also home to a huge hotel chain with more affordable options. Despite being a bit more residential, the region has other interesting tourist attractions such as the Planetarium, the National Gallery and the Rock Opera concert hall. 

Questenberk Hotel it's the Design Hotel Neruda are some of the most recommended accommodation in Hradčany.

Other hotel options in Hradcany:

Smichov (Prague 5) 

Best neighborhoods to stay in Prague –  Smichov. Photo: Disclosure

On the same side of Malá Strana, the district of Smíchov is much calmer and more accessible than the districts of the historic center.

The region is fully connected with other tourist attractions and has a metro station, Anděl. It is possible to stay hosted on a network unit Ibis or find more affordable options like the Accent Hotel.

Other hotel options in Smichov:

Holesovice (Prague 7) 

Where to stay in Prague – Neighborhood of Holesovice. Photo: Disclosure

Another very cozy part of Prague is the Holešovice district. This region is right between the Letná and Stromovka parks, and is located just 20 minutes from the historic center.

If your intention is to save money, this will certainly be one of the best value for money areas in Prague.

THE Mama Shelter Prague it's the Letna Garden Suites are excellent options for hotels in Holesovice.

Other hotel options in Holesovice

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