Before planning your trip, find out which countries require a visa and passport for Brazilians to avoid unforeseen documents

If you are in the planning phase of that long-awaited trip, you need to know which countries require visa and passport for Brazilians, after all, the idea is that everything goes as planned and no unforeseen happens. In addition, discovering the particularities of each country's visa, especially what you will know, is also necessary.

This is because the process and time of issuance varies from place to place, and while some destinations even allow a quick application over the internet, others require several documents and interview, such as the United States.

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Which countries require a passport for Brazilians

Concerning which countries require a passport for brazilians there is not a wide range of options, as we are only allowed to travel through Mercosur without the document, which can be replaced by an identity card. A visa is also not required in this case.

If you still want to know how to get a passport To take it with you, there's no problem: the process is relatively affordable and usually doesn't take long, but the sooner you apply, the greater the guarantee that you'll return home with your first travel stamp.

Which countries require visas for Brazilians

If we can only use the RG in Mercosur, it means that all other countries require a passport.

So, when it's time to travel, all that's left to do is discover which countries require a visa for brazilians, remembering that there are three types: work, study and tourism visas, which will be considered in this post.

Check below the list of countries in which Brazilians cannot enter for leisure (tourism) without permission:

  •         Afghanistan;
  •         Angola;
  •         Saudi Arabia;
  •         Algeria;
  •         Australia;
  •         Azerbaijan;
  •         Bangladesh;
  •         Bahrain;
  •         Benin;
  •         Brunei;
  •         Burkina Faso;
  •         Burundi;
  •         Bhutan;
  •         Cape Green;
  •         Cameroon;
  •         Cambodia;
  •         Canada;
  •         Qatar;
  •         Chad;
  •         China;
  •         Comoros;
  •         Congo;
  •         Cook Islands;
  •         North Korea;
  •         Costa do Marfim;
  •         Cuba;
  •         Djibouti;
  •         Egypt;
  •         Eritrea;
  •         U.S;
  •         Ethiopia;
  •         Gabon;
  •         Gambia;
  •         Ghana;
  •         French Guiana;
  •         Guinea;
  •         Guinea Bissau;
  •         Equatorial Guinea;
  •         Yemen;
  •         India;
  •         Will;
  •         Iraq;
  •         Japan;
  •         Jordan;
  •         Kiribati Islands;
  •         Kuwait;
  •         Laos;
  •         Lesotho;
  •         Lebanon;
  •         Liberia;
  •         Libya;
  •         Madagascar;
  •         Malawi;
  •         Mali;
  •         Mariana Islands;
  •         Marshall Islands;
  •         Mauricio Islands;
  •         Mauritania;
  •         Mozambique;
  •         Moldova;
  •         Myanmar;
  •         Nepal;
  •         Niger;
  •         Nigeria;
  •         Oman;
  •         Papua New Guinea;
  •         Pakistan;
  •         Kenya;
  •         Kyrgyzstan;
  •         Central African Republic;
  •         Rwanda;
  •         Solomon Islands;
  •         Sao Tome and Principe;
  •         Sierra Leone;
  •         Syria;
  •         Somalia;
  •         Sri Lanka;
  •         Swaziland;
  •         Sudan;
  •         Southern Sudan;
  •         Tajikistan;
  •         Taiwan;
  •         Tanzania;
  •         East Timor;
  •         Togo;
  •         Turkmenistan;
  •         Uganda;
  •         Uzbekistan;
  •         Vanuatu;
  •         Vietnam;
  •         Zambia;
  •         Zimbabwe.

This list was checked in August 2018 at visa table of the Consular Portal of Itamaraty, and it is worth checking it from time to time to see if there have been any changes. In addition, just research in advance how to obtain the required visa, if the country you are going to is above.

Know which countries require visa and passport for Brazilians It helps a lot when planning a trip that doesn't necessarily need to focus on a specific destination. There are also those who require a visa, even for tourism, but allow a nice period of stay without having the document, such as the Tuvalu Islands. See what suits you best, prepare all the required documentation and have a nice trip!

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