The project also includes movie theaters with virtual reality, shops, cafes and a restaurant. Glass walkway in Serra do Corvo will have 100 meters and should be opened in 2022

The famous rock crevice, one of the most famous stretches of the incredible Serra do Corvo Branco, in Santa Catarina, will win, next year, an attraction that will make it even more interesting: a glass walkway between the mountains.

Scheduled to open in 2022, the project, which is being developed in secrecy, promises to become one of the main attractions of the Santa Catarina mountain range, between the municipalities of Urubici and Grão-Pará.

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Little is known, yet, about how the glass walkway and its visitation will be, but we want to advance that, if you are not afraid of heights, enjoy nature and have an adventurous spirit, you cannot miss this new attraction in Santa Catarina.

Want to know more? So, let's tell you everything we know.

glass walkway

white saw glass platform

Project of the new glass walkway between the gap of the mountains. Photo: Disclosure

The announcement of the construction of the glass walkway between the range of the Serra do Corvo Branco mountains was made earlier this year by the board of the Serra Catarinense Tourism Board (Conserra).

The project is being developed in secrecy by a businessman on a private property. According to those responsible, no tree in the region will be removed during its construction and the project will not alter the natural landscape of the place.

What is known, so far, is that the glass walkway will be 100 meters long and will connect the summit of the two mountains that form the famous rock crevice, opened by the road.

The operation of the footbridge, which promises to be one of the biggest tourist developments in the Santa Catarina mountain range, is scheduled for next year and should be accompanied by other attractions, such as a virtual reality cinema, shops, cafes and a restaurant.

Although the big attraction, without a doubt, will be the glass walkway and the panoramic – and dazzling – view that it will provide of the beautiful Serra do Corvo Branco. Visitors, however, will have to overcome their fear of heights and give voice to the adventurous spirit, as it will be more than 90 meters high above the road that cuts through the rock crevice.

Serra do Corvo Branco

white crow saw

Photo: Edi Galvani

The oldest connection between the mountains and the coast of Santa Catarina, Serra do Corvo Branco is one of the tourist attractions in Urubici, in Santa Catarina. It is a winding road between walls about 90 meters high and draws attention to the incredible landscape.

Although a good part of its extension is of earth, with asphalt only in the most critical sections, passenger vehicles can circulate through it and, generally, take tourists attracted by the natural beauty of the place. The road has great landscapes, perfect for photos. In addition, it is possible to climb to the top of some mountains, through ecological trails, to admire the breathtaking view.

See below which are the main attractions of Serra do Corvo Branco:

rock crevice

The place that will receive the glass walkway is known as a rock crevice, one of the most surprising stretches of Serra do Corvo: the road passes between two huge rocky walls, each about 90 meters high.

Altos do Corvo Branco

Located at the top of the mountain, the Altos do Corvo Branco It is a park with ecological trails and six viewpoints that allow you to contemplate the beautiful view of the region, at 1580 meters of altitude. It is open to visitors every day, from 8 am to 5 pm, and is a great option for those traveling with family, as it also offers good infrastructure.

Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto

A mandatory stop for anyone visiting Serra do Corvo Branco, the Nossa Senhora de Lourdes Grotto has a beautiful waterfall and is 10 km from the center of Urubici.

Other attractions near Serra do Corvo Branco

The city of Urubici, which is home to part of the Serra do Corvo Branco, also has great attractions that are worth knowing when traveling there. To help you make your trip even more interesting, especially if you are an ecotourism lover, we are going to list other attractions to discover there.

Church Hill

With 1822 meters of altitude, Morro da Igreja is the highest inhabited point of Serra Geral, in Santa Catarina. The place can be visited and offers an incredible view that goes from Pedra Furada – postcard of the region – to the south coast of Santa Catarina, 100 kilometers away.

Visits to Morro da Igreja are free of charge, but need to be scheduled. This is because access is limited due to the few parking spaces. Authorization to visit the area is granted at the headquarters of the São Joaquim National Park, in Urubici.

Pedra Furada Trail

Pedra Furada, as we have already mentioned, is the postcard of the region. It is a natural sculpture consisting of an opening 30 meters in circumference in a rock at the top of a hill.

To visit it, it is necessary to walk a trail of 5.8 kilometers – round trip – that leaves the road that gives access to Morro da Igreja. The route includes forests, fields, rocks and cliffs that range from 1583 to 1767 meters in altitude. The effort is worth it as the view is incredible.

Avencal Waterfall

The Avencal Waterfall is the most famous in Urubici and has 100 meters of free fall. You can visit it both at the top and at the bottom. To get to the base of the waterfall, it is necessary to go through a dirt road of 4 kilometers from the entrance to the city. In addition, there is a 400-meter trail over rocks to reach the waterfall.

At the top there are two parks: one on the right and one on the left of the road. The park on the right has two viewpoints, one made of glass that enters the cliff. The one on the left has other options, such as a zip line that goes over the cliff, an inn, horseback riding, trails and pedal boats.

There is much more to see and do in Urubici when visiting Serra do Corvo, so if you decide to visit the glass walkway, plan to stay a few more days and explore this beautiful region of the Santa Catarina mountain range.

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