With flights canceled by coronavirus, more than 200 Brazilian tourists in South Africa are unable to return to Brazil

At least 200 Brazilian tourists traveling to South Africa cannot leave the country. The situation occurs as a result of flights canceled by the companies to contain the advance of the coronavirus. With the closure of airspace decreed by authorities this Thursday (26), the situation tends to worsen even more.

According to information sent by the group of Brazilians, the Latam, one of the companies that operates the segment and had its flights cancelled, has so far not provided assistance to customers. Also according to the Brazilians arrested in the country, the company's office at Johannesburg Airport remains closed to the public.

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“The Brazilian embassy is working to try to authorize two flights on an extraordinary basis on March 30th and 31st. THE Latam continues without any positioning”, communicated Barbara Braz, one of the Brazilians who is in the situation, on March 26. However, more and more Brazilians arrive in Johannesburg without airline support, accommodation and rescheduling of their tickets.

Latam informs that it has been operating, since mid-March 2020 and on a reduced basis, the route between São Paulo and Johannesburg, after restrictions imposed by the South African government. In a general statement, the company informed that, until last Tuesday (24), the repatriation program operated 59 special flights.

The company also communicated that it is working with authorities in different countries to obtain extraordinary operating licenses and bring back, on special flights, passengers who are unable to return to their homes.

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