Protected by cliffs and coconut trees, Praia do Madeiro is considered one of the most beautiful in the country and impresses tourists with its paradisiacal scenery.

Protected by a huge wall of cliffs that reach 40 meters in height, the Praia do Madeiro is the favorite beach for tourists who arrive in the electrifying village of Kite, in the municipality of South Tibau, at the large northern river.

To access the Praia do Madeiro you have to face a steep staircase with 160 steps in the middle of nature, but the strength is quickly rewarded, with the scenarios that appear little by little when descending the stairs.

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Right at the entrance we come across a sea of clear and calm waters. At Praia do Madeiro the atmosphere is rustic and the atmosphere is of tranquility. During low tide, a huge natural swimming pool appears next to the cliff on the right side of the beach, forming a perfect bathing area for the little ones and those who like to cool off in warm water baths. On the left side, a wide area covered by forest offers more private spots to enjoy the contagious energy of the place.

THE Praia do Madeiro it has smaller waves (compared to other beaches), and is a great place for those who want to learn to surf. Several surf schools installed on the beach, offer lessons and rental of other equipment such as stand up paddle and kayak. During the morning, schools of dolphins often appear to the delight of tourists.

THE Praia do Madeiro is just 3 km from the center of Kite, and can be accessed on foot from Praia do Curral, during low tide. Those arriving by vehicle can park in the spaces on the side of the road, which serve as parking spaces, or at the Ponta do Madeiro and Village Natureza hotels. Vans and buses travel frequently from Kite and South Tibau.

Photo: Gustavo Albano

Photo: Gustavo Albano

Photo: Gustavo Albano

Photo: Gustavo Albano

Photo: Gustavo Albano

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