Located in the commune of Fontanello, in Italy, the largest labyrinth in the world has 200 trees: it is difficult to find your way out

The great labyrinths formed by trees are not just the stuff of a movie: they exist. The largest of them, however, is located in the Italy, more specifically in the municipality of Fontanello, in the province of Bergamo. The space, which has more than 200,000 trees, was created by designer Franco Maria Ricci, who has always been passionate about labyrinths.


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The place is entirely built with bamboo plants everywhere – which makes finding your way out quite difficult. However, don't worry: if you can't find your way out, there are guides scattered around to help those who get lost in the park. In its center, there is a pyramidal building that houses a very rich collection of works of art.

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Photo: Disclosure

THE The space is open to the public and not only offers the labyrinth, but also a library, a hotel and even a cultural center. Click here to find other information. 

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