Want to travel with your love? Stay at the charming Pousada Cantos e Contos and enjoy a romantic trip in a wooden chalet in Monte Verde 

is programming a trip for two and still don't know where to go? Let me give you a tip: you can stay in a wonderful wooden chalet in Monte Verde, perfect for a romantic trip

Want to know where? stay in Pousada Cantos e Contos, in green Hill. This refuge in the mountains offers personalized service for couples and is in one of the most charming destinations in southern Minas Gerais. Located within a forest of native forest, it is ideal for those looking for tranquility.

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So, if you want to enjoy the days with your love without any worries, Pousada Cantos e Contos It is the best option for lodging in the mountains. stuck in Serra da Mantiqueira, has accommodations designed to ensure maximum comfort in the midst of the region's cold climate. In addition, it has a large leisure area with swimming pools, jacuzzis, hot tubs and a SPA. 

Did you like the tip? So, continue reading this post to know everything that Pousada Cantos e Contos can offer you. Also check out what you can do in Monte Verde.

Enjoy all the comforts of this wooden chalet in Monte Verde

wooden chalet in Monte Verde

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THE Pousada Cantos e Contos offers unique accommodation in this special corner of the mountains of southern Minas Gerais. It is located inside a beautiful forest and allows you to enjoy nature with comfort and sophistication.

The inn has three accommodation options: cabins, chalets and apartments. And, despite some differences, they are all set to make you feel like you are in a wooden chalet in Monte Verde. So, regardless of your choice, you will enjoy simply incredible mountain accommodation.

wooden chalet in Monte Verde

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There are two types of log cabins. Both are beautiful and have a view of the woods, fireplace, balcony and hot tub. The chalets, in turn, can be found in five categories: Luxury Family, Luxury with Hot Tub, Master with Whirlpool, Master with Whirlpool and Fireplace and Mini Chalets. Finally, the apartments are located at the inn's headquarters, have a fireplace and accommodate up to five people.  

wooden chalet in Monte Verde

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Cantos e Contos: a perfect place for a romantic trip

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The mountain climate combined with the magical view of the forest that surrounds Pousada Cantos e Contos make this accommodation in the mountains the perfect place for a romantic trip. The chalets beyond cozy provide privacy and comfort for couples.

In addition, Pousada Cantos e Contos offers exclusive decoration for those who travel with their love. Accommodations are carefully prepared to provide the best experience. A lit fireplace, rose petals, candles and incense, ambient music, wines and fruits are part of the reception for couples who choose romantic decor.

To complete, the couple can still enjoy the entire structure of the inn, which includes a beautiful SPA with a wide range of massages and treatments aimed at relaxation. In other words, it is a place to disconnect from the world and live the moment together.

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Enjoy every moment in this mountain retreat  

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Pousada Cantos e Contos has a complete leisure area to offer you the best accommodation in Monte Verde. In addition to the super comfortable cabins, chalets and apartments, this refuge in the mountains has a great structure for you to enjoy unforgettable days.

There are two integrated swimming pools. The outdoor pool is surrounded by a beautiful garden and the indoor one is heated and is located in a large glass-walled lounge. The inn also has a jacuzzi with a fireplace and a view of the forest, as well as a giant hot tub. The leisure area also includes a well-equipped gym, steam room, SPA, games room and a beautiful private forest. 

How to get to Pousada Cantos e Contos

wooden chalet in Monte Verde

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District of the city of Camanducaia, Monte Verde is 165 km from São Paulo (SP) and 483 km from Belo Horizonte (MG). Therefore, for those coming from other states, the closest airport is São Paulo International Airport, in Guarulhos (SP). From there, the journey must be made by car or bus.

The road from São Paulo to Monte Verde passes through the Presidente Dutra Highway and follows the Fernão Dias Highway to the city of Camanducaia. For those traveling from Belo Horizonte, the route is made by Rodovia Fernão Dias, in the direction of São Paulo, to Camanducaia. Upon arriving in the city, it is necessary to travel another 30 km to Monte Verde. 

To get to Pousada Cantos e Contos, go through the entrance portal and follow Avenida Monte Verde to Rua Pau Brasil, at number 381.

Things to do in Monte Verde during your stay

Enjoy your stay at Pousada Cantos e Contos to discover the charming green Hill. There is a lot to do there between parks, trails and breathtaking landscapes. Another tip is to try the wide gastronomy of the region, which ranges from the delights of Minas Gerais cuisine to a tasty hot chocolate in stores full of delights.

Walk along Avenida Monte Verde – the district's main thoroughfare – and observe the beautiful European-style buildings. Get to know at least one of the chocolate factories that open their doors to visitors and offer candy in various formats. Venture into the icy environments of the Ice Bar Monte Verde or the ice skating ring

Follow the trails to lookouts that reveal stunning views of the Serra da Mantiqueira. Or have a fun day at Radical Farm, an ecological and adventure park for all ages. If possible, try everything there is to do in Monte Verde, you won't regret it.

Stay at Pousada Cantos e Contos and have an unforgettable experience in this refuge in the mountains of southern Minas Gerais. And don't forget to include this amazing wooden chalet in Monte Verde in your plans for an upcoming romantic getaway. 

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