Working while traveling is no longer exclusive to a small portion of wealthy businessmen and entrepreneurs. Interest in the digital nomad lifestyle is growing and tourism needs to supply this!

Opening a notebook at a beach club in Morro de São Paulo, Bahia, or in Jericoacoara, Ceará, while you work, may seem like a distant dream? Diverse professionals, permanent employees of companies, self-employed and service providers are increasingly adopting this lifestyle. 

According to research published in 2020 by Pnad Contínua, the nucleus of the IBGE – Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, during the beginning of the pandemic, 8.7 million Brazilians started working from home. 

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To illustrate this expressive amount, we are talking about almost 2 times the population of Uruguay, only Brazilian workers doing their chores at home. With mass vaccination, part of these people will continue to work remotely or in a hybrid regime (mixing home office work and face-to-face meetings eventually). 

Travel and home office

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This new modality brings to the travel market a new demand endorsed by millions of potential tourists who will, in the coming years, intersperse their work with more frequent trips. 

The digital nomad lifestyle, hotels with special packages in the style long stay, seen from work and travel available in different countries, in addition to the concept of hotel office for professionals who want to travel with their family while continuing to work remotely, alternating work and leisure, are becoming increasingly common.

Work as a digital nomad

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Home office is good for the company, for the employee and for tourism

With these activities working remotely, technology allows you to work while traveling, using only your computer and smartphone. 

The improvement in internet services, offering more speed to users and connectivity in cities, also consolidates this new way of living and working.

The nomad lifestyle, before the pandemic, was more popular among young people aged 25 to 35, but there is an increase in adherence by people of different ages, but especially for those who already have a certain professional stability.

Need to solve something urgent at work? A screen-sharing videoconference, for example, can be an indispensable tool for meeting priorities or even monitoring the progress of projects. In fact, this was an indispensable tool in the work of thousands of companies.

work traveling

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The pandemic has shown us, - perhaps in the worst possible way - that nowadays, for different professions, you don't necessarily need to be allocated to complete your goals and daily tasks. The absence of the professional in the office also presents other positive signs to the employer and the employee: 

  • reduction of daily transportation costs for employees;
  • reduction in the rent of physical rooms and recurring costs; 
  • employees with more free time for leisure, family or studies;
  • happy and satisfied employees with the company produce more;

Will the home office worker be the digital nomad of tomorrow?

So far, we have explained some important numbers that guide the future of remote work based on recent events. Basically, this modality, which has been commonplace in the lives of businessmen and executive professionals for years, tends to become popular as we have seen recently.

Companies with old methodologies had to adapt overnight to the work of the “new normal”, an evolution that was further accelerated by the need for mass confinement in all cities around the world.

Now, with the vaccination and reopening of countries, the agenda on the future of work comes into question again. If your company survived or even had better results by adopting online and automated processes, why will you back down?

With the new mentality present in the meetings of managers, leaders and human resources professionals, it became easier to negotiate workloads, face-to-face hours and more flexible activities considering the professional's quality of life, the greatest asset of any company.

New professionals felt the taste of time and geographic freedom due to remote work, exchanging the time wasted in traffic for a few more hours of the day, they will hardly want to go back and companies will have to adapt, mainly as a way to retain skilled workers.

Digital Nomad

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