If you've never thought about shopping in Chile, you don't know what you're missing. Check out everything you can buy at great prices in the country below.

Does is it worth shopping in chile? This question is always on the minds of many people who travel there, and its answer is quite satisfactory: yes, it is worth it, however, as in any destination, you need to research and have a good basis for comparing prices to really make a good one. business.

With regard to the types of products that can be purchased during a trip to chile there is also reason to be excited, as there is a very diverse range. But we reinforce: research and go there with some prices noted, so you'll know if you're paying cheaper or if it's worth waiting to buy a specific item here in Brazil.

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Shopping in Chile: Examples of products worth buying

When the subject is shopping in chile not everyone thinks about Santiago, after all, this city is known for other attractions such as snow and wineries. But don't forget to take extra luggage with plenty of space, as you might be surprised by the products you'll find there.

Some examples of products to buy in chile, more specifically in Santiago, are:


Perhaps because of its fame, and because it is an imported product, Chilean wine is not usually very cheap here, but in Santiago you can find dozens of labels at more than attractive prices, just go to the big supermarkets or specialized stores. The only rule for buy wine in chile is to be careful not to exceed the 12 liters that are allowed to enter Brazil.


Many electronics, including Apple's darlings, can also be had at really incredible prices on their shopping in chile. Those who are in need of notebooks, for example, can find discounts that are close to 50% when comparing the price of Santiago with that of Brazil.

Clothes suitable for winter

As a rule, buy clothes in chile this is not always an advantage, as prices are usually similar to ours, but when it comes to clothing for the cold, this scenario changes completely. Many people consider one or another piece to be expensive, but the truth is that even though the price of a coat or similar is a little high, it is still much cheaper than here.

Santiago also has great outlets that work with famous brands and, of course, numerous places where you can buy local handicrafts.

Where to shop in Chile tax-free

Besides Santiago, other cities that cannot be missing from the itinerary of those who intend to do shopping in chile are Punta Arenas and Iquique, known for their free zone policy and, consequently, tax-free products.

THE Iquique Free Zone is considered the most important in South America and, like the Punta Arenas Free Zone, offers a plethora of options that include electronics, clothing, footwear, perfume, beverages, and more. When visiting one of them, make sure you have free time in your itinerary, as there is a lot to see and buy in both places.

Now that you already know that it's really worth doing shopping in chile, there are no more excuses to postpone your trip. Make a list of what you want to buy, write down the prices here to have a parameter and don't forget to leave a good space in your suitcase or buy extra luggage.

* This trip was made at the invitation of the Chile Travel in collaboration with the Better Travel Guide.

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