Your next trip could be in Geneva: discover what there is to do and experience this passionate Swiss city    

a trip to Switzerland it would be a dream? meet the swiss alpsyou, the land of chocolate, cheese, watches and the famous ski and snowboard slopes that shake the country even more during the European winter.

Switzerland has become a perfect destination for practicing snow sports and enjoying beautiful natural landscapes. As if it wasn't enough, the cities of switzerland have become more and more a good destination to relax. The city of Geneva is one of the most visited in the country, second only to zurich, about 270 km away, concentrating several leisure options and activities for all tastes.

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Where to go in Geneva

The city is known as the “capital of peace”, as it is the seat of the UN and owns the headquarters of the Red Cross. Geneva It is located between the Alpine peaks and the mountainous terrain of the Jura, located right in the center where the River Rhône flows from the famous Lake Geneva.

To have a panoramic view of the city, it is interesting to take an excursion to the Mont Saleve. The way to the top is different, a cable car takes visitors to 1,100 meters of altitude in less than five minutes, reaching the top, adrenaline gives way to a complete view of the city of Geneva.

What also cannot be missed is the visit to the historical monuments of the place. The main tourist spot in this region is the Saint-Pierre Cathedral (also known as Geneva Cathedral), which allows visitors to discover much more about Swiss history and how the city was formed. With this same idea, there is the Bastion Park, where the figures who led the Protestant movement are honored.

Saint-Pierre Cathedral. Photo: Mihai Bogdan Lazar / Shutterstock

What to eat in Geneva

One thing that draws attention to the region is the gastronomic plurality of the city of Geneva. A landmark of the Swiss country are the chocolates and fondues, but there are other sweets like: eclairs and macarons. All options are sold around Geneva in typical country bakeries.

Photo: jeffreyw / Flickr

Many starred restaurants offer the option of traditional dishes, such as the famous raclette. This dish suits the region's cold climate, as it features a typical melted cheese on top of finely prepared potatoes. Of course, many chefs and restaurants leave their own marks and recreate variations of this delicacy, making tourists delight in an almost infinite diversity.

Another important stop for those looking to enjoy Swiss cuisine is to visit one of the hotel's five restaurants. La Reserve Geneva. This hotel has among its restaurants the The Tse Fung, the first Chinese restaurant to receive a Michelin star in Switzerland. You won't regret it, it's worth taking a few minutes out of your itinerary to get to know this space in Geneva.

How to take care of health in Switzerland

Luxury tourism currently enables several experiences that go far beyond excellent cuisine and luxurious accommodations. Taking care of your health, breathing fresh air on top of a mountain, walking in stunning landscapes and enjoying good rest days are just some of them. Among these options, some wellness services make the trip even more enriching. THE La Reserve Geneve Hotel also offers a service spa, in the greatest “first world” style, without a doubt, a true paradise for those looking to take care of their body, mind and soul.

Photo: Disclosure

THE spa is internationally recognized, and uses products from the Swiss clinic Genolier's Nescence Clinic, specializing in rejuvenation and wellness treatments. In addition, the decoration of the environment is all crafted in African aesthetics, and has been refined by Parisian interior design. Jacques Garcia. Want to live a few days of luxury during your vacation? You can be sure, Geneva is always worth visiting.

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