If you still don't know Skyglass Canela, you need to plan your trip there as soon as possible. The glass platform advances 35 meters over the cliff, 360 meters high

If you like adventure and aren't afraid of heights, Skyglass Cinnamon It is the ideal place to discover and be enchanted. Inaugurated in December of last year, the glass platform extends 35 meters over a cliff at a height of 360 meters and allows visitors to have a privileged view of the Ferradura Valley, in the Serra Gaúcha.

The attraction is one of the newest in Canela and, according to the Skyglass Cinnamon Park, receives between 1,200 and 1,800 visitors a day. But it is not difficult to understand why so many people go to the place, the experience is unforgettable: the glass floor gives the feeling that you are floating on the cliff and the view is breathtaking, both of what you see through the glass floor as from the platform lookout.

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But Skyglass is not just a place for the more adventurous. The place is prepared to receive people of all ages and, even those who are afraid of heights, can take a risk and, who knows, lose some of their fear when seeing all the safety that the glass platform offers.

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Skyglass: what the glass platform looks like in Serra Gaúcha

skyglass cinnamon

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The Skyglass project was signed by architects Adriane Wender and Miguel del Río Francos, but the idea for the project came from Santa Catarina businessman Moacir Luiz Bogo and his desire to promote tourism in the Ferradura Valley, in a sustainable way.

The construction of the platform took a year and cost R$ 30 million. 226 tons of concrete, steel and glass were used to make the 68 meter long platform, with 35 meters of balance – part that is suspended over the cliff. In fact, the length of the suspended part gave Skyglass Canela the title of the largest cable-stayed glass platform in the world, beating the world record for constructions above canyons.

skyglass serra gaúcha

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It does not stop there. Below the platform, a monorail was built that brings even more emotion to those who visit the park. The Abusado is a unique toy in the world and it is a train of suspended chairs that circulates the lower part of the platform. It allows visitors to contemplate nature from an unparalleled point of view.


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THE Skyglass Cinnamon Park It also has a beautiful green area, with a walking track and playground for children. On site, you will also find the Iron Iron Memorial that tells the history and evolution of this utensil through 300 pieces, ranging from the casserole-shaped strainers of ancient Chinese dynasties to contemporary electric steam irons.

The structure of the park also has a food court, several souvenir shops, restrooms, luggage storage, baby changing facilities and parking. On the glass platform, only children accompanied by their guardians are allowed. Pets cannot enter the platform and Abusado, but are welcome in the park.

How much does the Skyglass Ticket cost?

skyglass cinnamon

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To visit Skyglass, you can buy tickets in advance online or at the local box office. Buying in advance may be the best option, since, in addition to avoiding queuing at the venue – especially on weekends -, it gives discounts on ticket prices.

Check it out: to visit only the platform, the ticket price is R$ 110 at the box office and R$ 100 on the website. To visit the platform and take a ride on Abusado, you will pay R$ 170 at the box office and R$ 160 on the website. Students, children and seniors pay half price, in any of the situations.

To visit the platform and the Abusado, you will need to leave all your belongings in the cloakroom. Personal objects, cell phones and electronic equipment are not allowed in the two attractions.

The administration of Skyglass, however, has several photographers who record the passage of visitors and, at the end of the tour, make the photos available, digital or printed, for purchase. They are available to take as many photos as you want.

Where is Skyglass Canela located?

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Photograph: Rodrigo Mazzola / Wikimedia Commons

Skyglass Canela Park is located in a privileged region of Serra Gaúcha, in the beautiful Ferradura Valley. Full of araucaria trees, the valley is home to many species of plants, wild animals and birds. From the top of the glass platform it is possible to contemplate the landscape of the great canyon cut by the Caí River. A breathtaking view.

The Skyglass is located on CNL 350 Municipal Road nº 9800, which leads to the Caracol State Park, in the countryside of Canela, about 15 km from the city centre. The park is open every day from 9 am to 6 pm.

It is also close to other important attractions in Canela, such as Alpen Park – an amusement park with options for children and adults – and Mundo a Vapor – a theme park with miniature locomotives.

In addition, you can take advantage of the trip to get to know the charming city of Canela and its neighbor, Gramado. Both are packed with attractions for all types of travelers, from the most adventurous to those looking for places to relax.

Canela has viewpoints to admire the beautiful landscape of the mountains, impressive waterfalls, parks for all tastes and with the most varied themes. One thing is for sure: this city is a great destination for both solo travelers and those with friends or family.

Oh! And, when you get to know this region, be sure to taste the delights of Serra Gaúcha. Visit the chocolate factories, eat the best gaucho barbecue, taste German cuisine and, of course, be sure to try a delicious fondue. You will see that the trip to Canela to discover Skyglass will be unforgettable. Trust me!

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