Isolated in an area in southeastern Poland, the small village of Zalipie has preserved a charming tradition for more than a century, where women color the facades of houses with floral designs.

Wherever you go, there will be some design with flowers, on walls, doors, chimneys, windows, doghouses and much more! Legend has it that the paintings appeared to hide the soot that was left on the walls because of the wood stoves. The initiative ended up becoming a tradition and every year, in the spring, there is a competition to choose the most beautiful ones.

According to the website, the competition started as part of a movement to help the country psychologically recover from the horrors of World War II. Apparently it worked, today the city has become a charming and cozy destination for visitors passing through the country. Check out the images:

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Photo: Disclosure -PolandMFA / Flickr

Photo: Disclosure -PolandMFA / Flickr

Photo: Disclosure -PolandMFA / Flickr


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