THE Melissa Freitas of @maladememorias, visited Busch Gardens, which is located in Tampa, near Orlando, and is famous for its incredible roller coasters

THE Busch Gardens is one of the most famous parks in the Orlando area., and is also one of the most sought after by young people who love a radical attraction. The place may even have gained its fame due to its incredible roller coasters, however, the same park that attracts young people for the guarantee of adrenaline, also delights children and adults with wonderful shows, and with a beautiful open-air zoo.

Photo: Melissa Freitas

What many people don't know is that the park is located in city of Tampa, which is about 135 km from Orlando, so the ideal thing is that you plan well to leave early to enjoy the park to the fullest. In my opinion, the best way to get to the Busch Gardens It's renting a car and driving there, because that way you have all the freedom to arrive and leave whenever you want, which doesn't happen if you opt for a shuttle.

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However, for those who don't want to drive to the park, Sea World offers a free shuttle that leaves from several locations in Orlando. Despite the limited schedule, this shuttle offers two great advantages for those on a smaller budget, because in addition to saving on gasoline, you save the 25 dollars of parking in the park. To use this service, just make a reservation at site, choose your pick-up point and the date of transport, and then save the transport confirmation and take it on the day.

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The park has Africa as its main theme, and therefore, all areas and attractions resemble some place on this continent. One of the most amazing attractions in the park is the Serengeti Safari, which attracts an audience of all ages, the tour costs something around 29-39 dollars, a value that can vary in low and high season. On this tour you get in a ´´truck´´ and start to explore the place, which is in fact, incredible. Along the way it is possible to see giraffes, zebras, rhinos, and among other African animals, but the height of the tour is when the giraffes approach and you can pull over and take pictures with them. It's worth investing a few dollars in this tour, I loved it and recommend it to everyone.

Photo: Melissa Freitas

The park also has several rollercoaster, and they have something for all tastes, for those who love an adrenaline rush, and for those who don't want so much emotion. I'll start by talking about my favorite, the Cheetah Hunt, which aims to simulate the movements of a cheetah, and believe it or not, it leaves 0km and reaches 100km-h in a few seconds. The best thing about this attraction is that it doesn't make you sick, it's smooth, and it doesn't have loops, but it's still very exciting due to its high speed. This is that roller coaster that even people who don't have any kind of affinity with extreme attractions like and repeat, so here's the tip for you.

Other famous busch garden attraction is Montu, its theme is focused on Egyptian mythology, the name of the toy comes from a god of war called Montu, who, according to mythology, had a falcon head. The route has a total time of three minutes, but get ready, it's a few minutes with several inversions, loops and screws, this one is for the strong.

Sheikra may be the Busch Garden's most famous roller coaster, after all, the 90 degree drop attracts a lot of people in search of adrenaline, and it doesn't stop there, this attraction also has some loops and a second drop, it is indeed sensational. If you, like me, enjoy a radical attraction, be sure to visit Sheikra.

Photo: Melissa Freitas

Cobra's Curse is an attraction that opened a short time ago, it also attracts a lot of people through the park, as it is different from all the others. With several separate carts, it rises to a considerable height in the first part of the route, and in the second part you are surprised by the cart changing its angle from one hour to another, and then, you walk the path backwards, I confess that it is quite fun , and worth knowing.

Tigers is the new attraction at the park, I was lucky enough to travel to Tampa two weeks after it opened, which is now considered the highest in Florida. Tigres was developed to simulate the agility of the Tigre, which is why it is super fast, it has a 45-meter climb and then a turn on its own axis, which is very different from the other attractions in the park. The attraction is located in Stanleyville, and the tip for you is: run there immediately after the park opens, as it is making the biggest hit with park visitors, and that's why your lines are longer than usual.

Photo: Melissa Freitas

I can be suspicious when talking about the Walkabout Way, an attraction where you can get to know the famous kangaroos up close, because after staying a month in Australia, I'm in love with everything that refers to this country. Despite having lived this experience before in an Australian national park, this Bush Garden attractions is super interesting as it provides a similar experience on the other side of the world.

Iceploration is an attraction that I wasn't the least bit excited about, but I was totally surprised to see this show, and now it's a must-see whenever I visit the park. The show is mounted on an ice skating rink, and everything is incredible about this attraction, from the choice of songs, costumes and the spectacular acrobatics of the dancers on the ice. When entering the park, take a look at the schedules and choose the best one, I went on the last day of the day and thought it was really cool because I was able to rest during the show.

Photo: Melissa Freitas

One of the advantages of Bush Gardens is that the ticket price is lower than the others Orlando parks, they start at US$84.99 per person, but this ticket is only valid when you make the purchase 3 days in advance.

Photo: Melissa Freitas

Photo: Melissa Freitas


Undoubtedly, it is worth leaving. Orlando to meet the Bush Gardens, I can be suspicious because I have been to the park more than ten times, but it is amazing and very beautiful, besides it has attractions for all tastes and ages, which makes it perfect for a walk with friends or family, be sure to to meet.

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