Com apenas 27 anos, a jovem americana Cassandra de Pecol, conseguiu viajar para 196 nações ao redor do mundo em tempo recorde: foram apenas 18 meses e 26 dias!

Cassandra levou cerca de dois anos para planejar a viagem e partiu em julho de 2015: “Desde a época de escola eu tinha esse desejo de viajar pelo mundo todo e aprender novas culturas e religiões”, diz a jovem, que acrescenta: “Ir a todos os países do mundo é para mim um desafio para aprender o máximo que eu puder sobre o mundo, sair da minha zona de conforto”.

Você pode conferir mais informações sobre essa viagem no site, Facebook, YouTube e no perfil do Instagram de Cassandra.

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Confira abaixo os melhores destinos do mundo, segundo a viajante:

1 – Mongólia

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Let's talk money ? • • • So many comments coming in asking how to afford travel like this. Step #2 of making this goal of mine a reality was to figure out how I'd be able to pay for it. Prior to this Expedition, I managed to stretch out the $2,000 I saved one summer from Lifeguarding to travel to roughly 25 countries over the span of about 2 years. Some great sites that helped me to be able to make that $2k last were: and (work in exchange for accommodation and food) (free accomodation) (cheap flights for those under 26/student/teacher) And of course, living off of bread, sleeping in train stations, and hitchhiking. • • • But for Expedition 196, I had to plan a year and a half in advance. I asked myself A) What is a sponsor? B) Why would they sponsor me, and C) How do I obtain them? It wasn't easy, sponsors are not going to invest in you if you do not have something to offer them in return. • • • Before you can even consider obtaining sponsors or investors to travel, you need to figure out what your quest is going to be, what do you have to offer the world? Traveling is great, but what's your purpose? What good will you be doing for the world through your travels and how will you help people? For me, I wanted to focus on peace through tourism and sustainability. I thought the best way to make an impact would be through an educational documentary and speaking around the world to university students. Like I said, traveling is great, but if you can utilize your travels towards making a positive impact, supporting a cause or doing something unique with it to help the world, you're one step closer towards finding funding to make your dream come true. ? • • • While there's so much more to this, feel free to check out my sponsors page on my website:, my sponsorship deck is up there for all to see. I'll continue sharing tidbits as to how I made my dream a reality throughout future posts. In the meantime, loving hearing from you all! ???❤️ • • • #expedition196

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2 – Butão

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Going through the dozens of applications received for @herinternationalinc so far, I can’t help but feel inspired by all of the women who not only have a dream, but are taking actionable measures in order to make that dream a reality. It takes guts, courage and commitment to make a goal come to life! Now and then I’ll receive emails of inspiration from women who are devoting themselves towards breaking my record. It always has me thinking as to why I chose to break this particular record instead of one of the other hundreds of travel records out there… Rushing to every country for a record when I could have enjoyed the journey? As a woman, I saw an opportunity to do something that had only been achieved by man, to break through those barriers and make Women’s History. I never liked to think that I was potentially limited with what I could do in life because of my gender and I had an innate desire to want to prove this to the world as well; that women can obviously not only shatter a men’s record, but they can travel alone far and wide if they do so choose. I wonder why many women still want to beat my record and not break the glass ceiling in new ways or forms of travel and exploration, perhaps it’s just to prove to people that if it can be done once, it can be done again, with the possibility of seeing less and less each time. Either way, travel should be an enjoyable and educational journey, and by sacrificing my own ability of fully experiencing each country, my hopes were to pave the way for women who aspire to explore corners of the world and feel that they can safely do so alone. The years of hard work I put into this was able to inspire hundreds of thousands of women (and men!) around the world to do big things even if that thing is doing it all over again and for that, I am honorably humbled. In addition to Her International, I’m grateful to Guinness for ensuring proper documentation of my travels which lead to earning a spot in the National Women’s History Museum’s Outdoor Exhibit, thereby making my dream to leave a positive legacy behind, a reality. To all the future women who will break the glass ceiling! ?? Happy #InternationalWomensDay ???

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3 – Maldivas

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Seclusion ?

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4 – Vanuatu

5 – Paquistão

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The way I prefer to travel is to leave all preconceptions at the door and walk in with a completely open mind. ?? • • • When I used to travel, I'd sometimes extensively research the country; the good, the bad, where to go, what to do. By doing this, my mind naturally conditioned itself into thinking that the reflection of that country from the media or from what other people told me, was true, and because of this, I was almost just waiting to see or experience something good or bad from these preconceived notions. Sadly, I ended up experiencing more negative experiences than good because much of this research typically led me to media and government sites that would say everything they could to steer me away. Well, I decided to let that all go and this time around, to refrain from researching countries before I arrive (aside from the basic visa, language, currency, etc.) and to instead learn first hand from the people there what gives their country a "sense of place". I find that my experience now when I travel, is much more euphoric and positive in doing so. A great example of this practice surfaced during my stay in Pakistan. People were scared for me when I told them I was going, although I personally looked at the opportunity as both a privilege and unique adventure. Having been to places such as Afghanistan, Somalia and North Korea, alone for example, I had zero worries about entering Pakistan and just knew it would exceed my expectations in the best way possible. What we hear in the media can be so degrading and devastating, but this shouldn't deter us from experiencing that country first hand. By using tourism as a means for #peace, we have the ability to open our eyes to the truth when we experience these places through our own perceptions while learning directly from the local people. Once we realize the common denominator of humanity, we'll judge less, and accept more. We will be more open to the kindness of people around the world and that most people just want peace, too. ✌?️?? • • • #Expedition196

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6 – Omã

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Some people, when they hear your story, contract. Others upon hearing your story, expand. And this is how you know. – Nayyirah Waheed • • • Tama's curiosity was so innocent and humble. She was generous and strong. That home made tortilla you see sitting on a plate on the floor, she would not let me leave until I ate it all, and drank my entire mug filled with the freshly squeezed camel milk that her son had brought in just moments prior in these massive iron bowls. We didn't speak the same language, but exchanged so many words through just our smiles and eye contact. She was seemingly happy and content living in the simplicity of it all, near to the border of Yemen. I met her family who she loves, who loves her. She lives in a beautiful home with simple, artisan decor, and is nourished by fresh, traditional food, including baby popcorn made from the corn grown in her garden, not to mention the camel milk that makes a nutritiously bitter yogurt, which she also had me try. And yet, she liked to sit in silence on the floor at the front door of her home, watching the camels walk by while feeling the fresh breeze. I loved the color of her abaya and hijab, my favorite color and so beautiful on her. I told her this and she thought it was funny. Moments like these make travel and living in the moment, living in simplicity, so real. ??

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7 – Tunísia

8 – Peru

9 – Costa Rica

10 – Estados Unidos

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After so many requests, the Expedition 196 Entrepreneur website is finally LIVE with three unique course options, all based online! If you're curious as to how to pursue your own passion project involving travel and working towards a cause, or if you're interested as to how I made Expedition 196 come to fruition during LIVE chats, or perhaps just want to know how to travel on the cheap or obtain funding TO travel, then this seminar is right up your alley ?☺. Head to the link in my bio to check it out and see if it's something you'd be interested in, and be sure to register before the seminar starts February 3rd! If you'd like to register for the full, 3 month intensive but won't be around to catch one or two of the Friday courses, you can always log back into your portal to view previous classes and materials, no worries… this seminar is meant to work around your travel, student and/or work schedule. Feel free to head on over to the @expedition196entrepreneur Instagram to ask questions and integrate with other students who will also be taking the course. ??? So looking forward to helping you travel for a purpose and potentially sponsor your first passion project after the 3 month intensive! ?❤? • • • P.S. The official countdown begins ⏳! Currently in the Middle East with only 3 countries to go (Syria, Yemen and Turkmenistan) until #Expedition196 is completed ???

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